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Cannot place online order

I've been trying to place a Canadian order for the past few days. Everytime I click on the checkout button the page just refreshes. I've tried on several different browsers and even tried on my Ipad. I also refreshed the cookies and cache. I'm very frustrated. Any help? 

Re: Cannot place online order

I can't place my order and keep pressing the button. then when I check my bank account, my money has been deducted but I haven't receive any confirmation email yet. I'm worried if my money is taken but the order did not went through. note that I'm buying from UK and I'm sending it to a friend's house in US. 

Re: Cannot place online order

I am experiencing the exact same thing on the Canadian site.  I have also tried to place on order using three different computers and a tablet.  So, this is not a problem of Web browser settings. 


And today is not the first time this has happened to me.  I've tried ordering from sephora online before and it didn't work so I'd just give up and buy the products elsewhere.


Telling you that you have to call in to place an order as a solution doesn't seem like very good customer service, versus actually fixing the problem for us.



Re: Cannot place online order

I am having issues too. Have tried two browsers and cleared cache etc. It keeps coming back to the basket page, rather than going to shipping options or payments. On the one occaision where it got to shipping options, it kept telling me that the shipping option (free over 75$ Canadian) was not available. 


This is my first time using Sephora online, and I'm really disappointed. This should have been a quick transaction and instead, it's turning out to be very frustrating and off-putting.

Re: Cannot place online order

Hi Vwink,


As it is your first order, have you been able to create a new account with  The site will not allow you to proceed without being logged into your account for security purposes.  I will be sending you a private message shortly with a few other tips on troubleshooting the issue.  I apologize that this has been a frustrating first experience & look forward to assisting you further.  Thanks!


xo, Mia

Re: Cannot place online order

Yes, I have an account. I am using my own private user name "Vwink" and am noted as logged in. :S

Re: Cannot place online order

I am having the exact same issue on the US site.  Did called to placed the order last time but don't want to call every time I need to order something.  Tried 3 different browsers.  What's the troubleshooting steps?  

Re: Cannot place online order

Hi Seventyoneplace,


I'm sorry you're also experiencing issues with your checkout.  Our IT Team has a fix ready that will resolve the checkout issue in the coming weeks.  In the mean time, I will be sending you a private message with the troubleshooting tips 🙂


xo, Mia

Re: Cannot place online order

Hi MegGT,


Thank you Ran8!


I checked your order and I can see the items that you were trying to checkout. I recommend contacting us at 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672) option 2 so that we can attempt to place your order over the phone. Thank you for your patience and I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

❤️ Melissa

Re: Cannot place online order

Call the 877 provided in the Contact Us page (found at the bottom of this page). Order over the phone if that is a priority.

Otherwise, look at your web browser settings/preferences and see if it is checked not to remember cookies at all (it's okay to clear them out after the order). If that is okay then run a virus/malware scan if this happens to more than just the Sephora site checkout.

Still no luck, check certain internet settings or if there are any add ons (including flash) that need to be updated.

Best of luck!
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