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Canadian VIB Status?

I recently made a purchase in store (Toronto Eaton Centre location) that put me over the $350 minimum to qualify for VIB status for the rest of the year and 2014. However, the associate did not inform me of this.

From reading other customer service posts and doing some looking around on some Canadian beauty blogs, I understand that we also receive a welcome package featuring a new silver VIB status card, a coupon for 10% off our next purchase in store and more information about the program in store.

Would I have to go back to the store and specifically ask for my VIB package?  

Re: Canadian VIB Status?

Hi wilsonkatie,


I'll send you a PM right now to chat about this. Please respond when you can. Thanks!

Whimsically yours,

Re: Canadian VIB Status?


From looking at my beauty bag purchases, I have spent more than $350 but I recently got an retail from Sephora stating I need to spend $31 more to receive VIB status. I even called customer service and they said most likely some of my purchases weren't linked to the account but how could that be if I can see all my purchases on my account and they add up to more than $350? Luckily I had to buy something in store so I was able to get the status anyway but on my account it hasn't been updated that I am VIB. I was hoping to get the status so I can participate in the friends and family event from Nov.7-11. How do I get my account updated?

Re: Canadian VIB Status?

@Thuvz, I'll send you a message to help. Smiley Happy -Laura

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