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Can you return Point Perk items?

I hate to be tacky, but I just placed an online order primarily to get a specific point perk which I knew would go out of stock like hot cakes--Dior Addict Lipstick in Dior Kiss #578.  I got the order today, but they sent the wrong lipstick--Addict Extreme in Lucky #536.  I've already tried this color and found it to be a bit too orangey-coral for my complexion, though it did prompt me to buy the full size of Plaza #476 which is pinker.  I really wanted to try the Kiss color and have no use for the Lucky sample.  I see the lipstick is listed on my return form with a noted 'price' of 100 points.  Does this mean I can return it to get my points back?  Are they pretty good about crediting points on returns?  I double checked my online order to confirm that I was indeed supposed to receive the color Kiss and not Lucky, so it was not a mistake on my part.  I never would have ordered the point perk if I didn't think I would be getting to try a different color.  I'm pretty upset about the bait and switch.  I really just want my points back.  Any advice?

Hi Whigrose.  Normally we don't return the point perks, b...

Hi Whigrose.  Normally we don't return the point perks, but since you were sent a different color than advertised, I will be happy to do so. I will send you a message with more info.

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