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Can't post to BT

I recently tried to try to post two different posts, one as a reply to a post, the other as a new conversation. I hit post and it said there was a bad HTML, it had fixed it, and I should try again. I hit post once more and then it said there was overflow posting, because I tried to post the same post twice in less than an hour. Both posts had pictures. What should I do?


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Re: Can't post to BT

I get that occasionally myself. I go to all the work of writing a reply, then when I try to post it, the message says "Unexpected Error has occurred" and the whole thing is lost. I am now always copying my text before hitting the reply button so it doesn't disappear, which is a pain. My posts didn't include pictures or links, they were strictly text. The new system still doesn't work right, but since the fix right before Christmas, nothing much seems to have changed.

Re: Can't post to BT

Did you get the "Unexpected Error has occurred" on a fragrance post? They did mention there is a problem with posting on the fragrance board and that's what happened to me. If you got that problem with other boards, please let them know.


It is slow because companies have days off for holiday seasons too, and any edits and stuff comes in batches following a development cycle, so it's not just like "oh you hated this? yeah me too!...mmmm....done!" after they receive the complaint. =/

Re: Can't post to BT

Actually it was accessories related, but I don't remember if it was in the fragrance board or somewhere else.


I understand that companies have holidays off, I just don't understand putting a system in service that has so many problems, I would think it should be tested as a beta before switching the whole website over. But that's just lil' ole' me.

Re: Can't post to BT

Also true. In general I just think it's a terrible idea to make big changes during the biggest holiday season, it seem to be just more problem all around.

Re: Can't post to BT

That happens because, previously, when you copy&paste a picture or words or link from somewhere, BT will give you a warning about bad HTML and remove it for you. Now, however, it just tells you there's a bad HTML and please remove whatever's highlighted in red (when there's nothing highlighted). It annoys the hell outta me.


Easy fix, just type a word or two in the box and post. Then click "edit" which will give you our old beloved post editing box, and write your actual message there (it will give you the warning and automatically fix the HTML so you just click next, as usual).


But please PM sephoraadmin-whatever number (Candice?) so she knows it's not just me being extra whiny. =P

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