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Can concierge track down out of stock item?

I bought the PTR aloe toner last week off the sale page and have been using it for the past few days...I LOVE IT!!! I honestly wanted to buy more after my first or second use but because of all the problems I've had with my skin over the years, I never buy a skincare item without using it for a full week to make sure I'm not going to have some kind of a reaction. I have been checking obsessively to make sure it was still there and even put a bottle in my basket, but when I went on now to buy it was sold out :-( I went into my loves list to request an email when it comes back in stock and it's not an option for that particular item.


Could a mod please tell me a) Is this a LE item that won't be coming back into stock? and B) If I call the Rouge concierge, are they able to see if there are any more showing up anywhere in the system, or is is this just a fantasy haha?  Thanks in advance and here's hoping I can track some more down...I finally found my HG toner and now I don't know if I'll be able to get any more!

Hi DST57 Sorry!  That product has been discontinued.  I w...

Hi DST57 Sorry!  That product has been discontinued.  I would recommend contacting your nearest stores to see if they still have any available >

Re: Hi DST57 Sorry!  That product has been discontinued.  I w...

Awww that's a bummer, I guess it's not going to be my HG toner after all if I'm not going to be able to buy it anymore :-/ Thanks for letting me know though!
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