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Buggy Bugs Buggin me out!

How can I fix this???


Or is this something on your end? It's been suggested before about the bugs, but this is really annoying! Smiley Sad Please...can this get resolved?


If it's my end, tell me what I can do, if it's yours then please take the steps to fix it.


I love BT, but most times I have to refresh or keep reading comments to piece together what people said! Smiley Sad


An example:


Re: Buggy Bugs Buggin me out!



I reread my original post immediately after posting and tried to edit to add about where my problems arise (About the response box being in a completely different area from where it should be---I can't even hit "Reply" from where it's placed on the screen!!). And, again, I get a problem.



It's quite annoying. This is a great company, which I believe would have the resources to help me understand what's wrong on my end or fix the problems on theirs. Please enlighten me. ?



An Avid Sephora Lover!

Re: Buggy Bugs Buggin me out!

Hi jenjendoitagain! Sorry for the trouble you're having! The pictures are a little small, but I think I've gotten the same glitch as you before.  Try opening Beauty Talk in a different browser and that should do the trick. 




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