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Broken instore product


Hi ladies!

i just bought a naked skin foundation by urban decay at the mall yesterday. I had a great consultant who recommended it after finding my skin tone.

i bought the foundation for $39 and it was my first more expensive foundation.

but when I came home, my excitement was gone. The bottle is broken. The pump I is moving come foundatio. Leaks between pump and lid.

i realy don't want lot drive all the way to the mall again. Do you think sephora woulstake it back or send me an into version? I have all my receipts and pictures ttoot hank you so much,


Re: Broken instore product

I'd recommend discussing that with the store Smiley Happy

Whimsically yours,

Re: Broken instore product

Hi Beccykentucky,


Aw man sorry about this! Unfortunately we are unable to take returns/exchanges via post for items that were purchased in store. You are always more than welcome to return the foundation to your local Sephora or give them a call directly to see if they can offer you any other options.


Whimsically yours,

Re: Broken instore product

Do you thcould could call them and they could arrange that I get a new one sent to my house, if they don't want to have the broken one back?

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