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Broken Stila Eyeliner

I got the 500 point Stila set, but the eyeliner I received is broken!  It won't twist out the rest of the lead, so I ended up using it about 3 times and that was it.  I've never returned or exchanged any items (pretty happy about almost all of my purchases) so I have no idea what Sephora's return/exchange policy is.  Can I exchange an item I got for free?

Re: Broken Stila Eyeliner

Reviving an old thread bc I have bought/received 4 stila liners over the past month and half an 2 were as described above. Going on the smudge stick reviews, many, MANY people are having the same problems. Clearly something is wrong at the magic stila factory and Sephora should take it upon themselves to address this or refrain from selling until the issue is resolved. 

Re: Broken Stila Eyeliner

Hi Charpic!

Sorry to hear your 500 point perk was defective.  If you have a local store nearby, you can exchange the product there.  If you do not, please reach out to us so we can further assist you. Smiley Happy






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