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Bookmarks & Subscriptions?

How do we see these? I saw a mod post saying to go in to "my settings" but I can't find that. I'm on an iPad if that makes a difference.

Re: Bookmarks & Subscriptions?

Never mind I found it! Thanks for the help. Smiley Happy

Re: Bookmarks & Subscriptions?

Thank you! But is there a way to just see a list of the threads? I bookmarked a few so that I could go back later to buy some products mentioned and now I can't find them.

Re: Bookmarks & Subscriptions?

It's for beauty talk. I subscribed to a bunch of threads and I'm getting tons of emails for them. I read to change them we have to go into"my settings" but I can't find it.

Re: Bookmarks & Subscriptions?

Hi Jessicabennett Click on your Beauty Talk profile pic, then under About Me click Edit. You can then choose the Subscriptions and Bookmarks tab to make changes.

Re: Bookmarks & Subscriptions?

Hi Jessicabennett,

I'm not sure what you are trying to access?  Is it something on Beauty Talk or in your Sephora account?  Smiley Happy -Laura

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