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Beyond Frustrated w/VIB

To make a long story short: I should have gotten a VIB welcome e-mail on Jan. 13 at the latest, and I still do not have it.


12/17/11 - Sephora e-mail reminder to spend $17 more for VIB status

12/30/11 - I order $50 in merchandise, specifically in order to reach VIB status

1/14/12 - I e-mail Sephora re: missing VIB status

1/15/12 - Sephora says it will take up to 2 weeks to investigate

1/31/12 - NO reply from Sephora after 16 days, so I e-mail Sephora AGAIN

2/6/12 - Sephora finally calls, leaves voicemail, asks me to call back

2/8/12 - I call back. Sephora rep explains it may take another 2 weeks to get my VIB welcome e-mail

2/22/12 - Still NO welcome email. I sign in, and yes, I finally have VIB status, but I still have NO welcome e-mail, NO welcome coupon, and I have not received any VIB e-mails (and apparently I missed out on some kind of NARS VIB gift for V-day?)


I barely have words for how frustrated I am at this point. I've been purposely shopping at Sephora for the past year, even when some of my beauty needs have been available elsewhere for cheaper, in hopes of getting VIB status and all its perks.


I'm really, really disappointed with Sephora at this point. Can someone please get this all fixed?

Re: Beyond Frustrated w/VIB

I'm not newcomer status!

Re: Beyond Frustrated w/VIB

I'm with you. I haven't gotten the welcome email, but Janine did give me a code to use online, which I couldn't use bc I wanted a promo...u can't use more than one code??? I also missed the Nars thing, I was sooooo upset, and I found out that some got a lipstick sent to their house...but not me...VIB isn't all that great.

Re: Beyond Frustrated w/VIB

I've had a very similar problem.
First, I've had a Sephora account for a long time, as I used to order online before there was a Sephora in my city. Then, Sephora came to my city, but for some reason when I got a Sephora BI card it was not connected to my email, so I had two different accounts. I called customer service to try to resolve this issue and have the two accounts put together, and they could not solve the problem and said they would call me back. They never did, so now I just have two different cards for two different accounts - not the end of the world, but kind of annoying.
This December, I received a coupon at a Sephora store stating I'd become a VIB - I should have been one the year before since I definitely spent enough, but for some reason they screwed it up. So, okay, fine, cool, I've got it now. Except it's still not showing up on my account, and I am not getting any offers. Once again, call Sephora, they say they'll call me back, nothing.
I am getting really frustrated with Sephora.. I do sometimes purchase products in order to boost my points and get great deals, so I think it is only fair that they follow through on those deals, especially when I should have been a VIB last year!!!
Hopefully someone here can help, otherwise I may have to start shopping elsewhere.

Re: Beyond Frustrated w/VIB

So sorry Ratherbesmiling! I will be happy to take a look at your account and help you out.  I will send you a message with more information.

Re: Beyond Frustrated w/VIB

i just sent an email regarding my VIB Status as well..... Im really hoping it gets handled expeditiously so i can continue shopping and reap greater benefits!

Re: Beyond Frustrated w/VIB

@Trestylez I see you have been upgraded to VIB Status.  Was that the welcome email you received?

Re: Beyond Frustrated w/VIB

I agree, it took so long fo rmy account to catch up and I havent gotten any welcome non eof the vib codes people have been telling me are working.  I feel as though Im missing out of something.

Re: Beyond Frustrated w/VIB

That's too bad, I hope they can get this sorted for you!


In the mean time, over on the VIB board, VIB promo codes are posted often. So at least then next time an awesome promo comes around you can get it even if you don't get e-mails.

Re: Beyond Frustrated w/VIB

I am so sorry to hear about your experience Cauldy!  I will send you a message to help.

Re: Beyond Frustrated w/VIB

Keelybt, I need help regarding my account/VIB status. I think I should be about $25 away, but it seems the count started all over Jan 1, 2013 (I think I should still be able to go for VIB until June 2013). Can you help me??

Re: Beyond Frustrated w/VIB

Hi Calitiff Spend total does reset on 01/01. The $350 must be spent within a calendar year Jan-Dec.  I apologize for any confusion.

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