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Bedtime Beauty Routine

Hey Girls,


What is everyone's nightly beauty/skin care treatment routine? Please include brand names (face wash, make-up remover, moisturizer, etc.)


Thank you!

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

Burts Bees Makeup removing face cloths or Simple Makeup removing face cloths


Korres Greek Yogurt Sleeping Facial


Every other Night I use Lancome Pearl Yeux 

Every other Night I use Lancome Genifique

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

1) Remove eye makeup with Philosophy Just Release Me Dual-Phase Oil-Free Makeup Remover using Shiseido Facial Cotton.

2) Cleanse with Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel or Michael Todd True Organic's Charcoal Detox Cleanser. Follow with Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub (soon will be getting back to Dermalogica Microfoliant, though).

3) If I am having a breakout I use Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Acne Toner. After that I've been using Tarte Marajuca Oil for a couple weeks but the smell is off-putting so I don't know how long that will last. Moisturizer is Benefit Total Moisture. Eye cream is Ahava Extreme Firming Eye Cream. Use Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum on my brows. If having breakout, use Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment.


4) Right before bed I will use C.O. Bigelow Lavender Salve on lips and whatever hand cream (last few nights a sample of Ahava Witch Hazel Hand Cream) but before that for a while it's been Julep Rock Star Hand Cream.


I think that's it.

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

My nightly routine changes every once in a while. I get bored of things and switch them out for other things. Right now:

- I take off my makeup with the Caudalie makeup remover (pretty sure it's not supposed to be used first, but it seems to work better that way)
- Wash my face with Fresh Soy Face Wash (I bought a small bottle to test it out, before I was just washing my face with diluted Dr. Bronner's Lavender Castille Soap)
- I use Neroli hydrosol as a toner 
- Spray my face with Caudalie Beauty Elixir (thinking of making my own from scratch since I work at an essential oil store!)
- use FAB ultra repair moisturizer 
- Brush my teeth, floss, listerine.. Smiley Happy

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

well i just finished my night routine.  Used mia2 w ole henriksen african red tea foaming cleanser in the shower.   I remove my eye makeup afterwards then apply a thick layer of nude progenius Oil. 

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

Here's my routine 


- remove eye makeup - currently using Sephora's waterproof makeup remover

- remove face makeup - Neutrogena Night Calming towelettes 

- depending on if I'm showering at night or not, if I am then I use my Clarisonic with Philosophy Purity cleanser. If I'm not, I still exfoliate using Laura Mercier Flawless Skin 

- moisturize - normally, I use La Mer Creme de La Mer but this week I'm trying the Boscia Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask (sample)

- lip balm - Dior Creme de Rose


Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine



This is what I used this evening (basically in this order). I use some of these items every night but I only do this particular routine 2-3 nights a week. I only use the Glamglow on my nose and use the black tea mask on the rest of my face. I'm also currently using the Lancôme Genefique (sp?) because I have a few weeks worth of samples. I like the scent and texture of the Nude moisturizer but I'm not in love with it and I probably won't be repurchasing it. I'm still on the fence about the Bite lip mask as well. All other items will be repurchased when they are depleted.

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

I change them quite often too 

but right now, 


Boscia Cleansing oil (which I don't like very much. I have DHC as backup) 

Dr. Bronner's magic soap with Clarisonic sensitive brush head 

(I like peppermint for the face, but for whatever reason I bought a huge bottle of the lavender one which I don't like for the face very much) 

Thayers Lavender witch hazel (alcohol free kind) 

Antho eye serum (its actually an oil) 

Juice beauty antioxidant serum 

Sibu Sea buckthorn oil 

Juice beauty age defy moisturizer 


Once a week, I use Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask, The natural face Lemon and coconut oil powder mixed with aloe, and Ren's glycol lactic radiance mask 


My skin is over exfoliated and red right now, but I use Ole Henriksen's night gel every other night 

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

1. if i'm wearing makeup, i remove with koh gen do spa water + shiseido cottons Smiley Happy


2. Cleanse with one of the following (whichever is around!) 

- deluxe samples i'm trying to use up

- tatcha cleansing oil

- origins zero oil


3. Occasionally I will exfoliate with whichever of the following:

- more deluxe samples i'm trying to use!

- Tatcha Gentle Rice Powder

- May Lindstrom the clean dirt (sample size) 

- Goldfaden Doctor's scrub


4. The masks I'm currently rotating: 

- Osmia Detox (sample size)

- Chantecaille Detox

- Koh Gen Do Brightening Spa Moisture Mask

- Goldfaden Fresh a Peel

- ....and more samples!


5. Then oil/serum

- samples again lol

- african botanics marula oil 

- sponge ladi avokanto (almost done!)


6. then moisturizer or a hydrating mask for overnight

- Rodial Dragon's Blood hyaluronic mask

- Dr:CI Labo Aqua Ex Collagen something gel moisturizer

- lush celestial moisturizer


Generally, my skincare looks like this -- step 2, 5, 6 LOL. And i definitely want to start using eye cream but just am not in the habit of it. And i wish i would apply lip stuff overnight regularly but i somehow don't!  


and i still have more skincare than this. o.O Must use up more things!

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

What do you think of the Clean Dirt? I've been meaning to try it, but I've only seen a handful of reviews and I have ULTRA sensitive skin.

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

have you read the reviews from belletristic beauty, no more dirty looks, beauty by britanie, etc? I am liking it so far, but i'm not sure if i like it more than the tatcha rice powder. i still want to try mixing it with different things (like honey, different cleanser textures, etc) 


I actually ordered the sample from spirit beauty lounge. You can order a set of 9 samples of your choice for $25 including shipping and then you get a code for $5 off your next order. Smiley Happy 

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

Awesome tip jxw200! It looks like they've reduced the number of samples from 9 to 6 but this is still great. I just put in a sample order for many products I was on the fence about.  Smiley Happy

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

Oh look you use Tatcha!  I just saw their Indigo products in Lucky magazine... I wrote to the company to see if they will send me a sample as I don't think it's carried near me.

Do you have a fav product or two from them I should try? Smiley Happy

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

Oh man I LOVE tatcha. Smiley Happy I have the rice powder, cleansing oil, and camellia lip balm and like them all (though i would say the lip balm is in my top 5 favorite lip balms lol). I need to try more from the line for sure! I was lucky to get those products sent to me (i have a blog) but i just love the brand concept, packaging, etc. 


Their site does some good promos sometimes Smiley Happy since august or so, there have been two occasions where they offer a half oz cleansing oil for free and you only have to pay shipping ($1.95) and you can still pick samples at checkout. and i dunno if it is just me but that size lasts me much longer than i thought it would lol. Like... 2 months. I think also if you're looking for blog reviews, Cute & Mundane and Messy Wands have some good ones off the top of my head. 

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

Right now mine's 


MAC make up removing wipes

Origins Zero Oil Toner

Wild Rose Sleeping Mask from Korres

eye cream (using samples, I don't have a HG one yet)


I probably should be adding in more. 

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

Remove MU (if wearing any) with Simple Face Wipes


Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil as Pre-Cleanse


Clarisonic + Fresh Soy Face Cleanser


I alternate between masks:

Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask (usually 1x week)

Mario Badescu Drying Face Mask (only at that time of the month; use in place of Liz Earle mask)

Michael Todd Pumpkin Face Mask (more of a peel, 1x per week)

REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask (1x per week)


Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner (after Liz Earle or Mario Badescu masks)


Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Toner (after the Michael Todd or REN masks)


DDF Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment


Peter Thomas Roth VIZ-1000 Hyaluronic Acid Serum (I want to try Hydraluron!!)


Kiehl's Rose Arctica Eye Cream (not sure if I love it or not...) applied with the Michael Todd Eye-o-sonic thingy


Argan Oil - currently using an organic one my mom bought me in Morrocco Smiley Happy, but I also like the Josie Maran one.

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

I forgot my Smith's Rosebud Salve Lip savior!

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

I keep changing it, but right now I'm doing:


Make-up remover: MAC Cleanse Off oil

Cleanser: Ren Hydra-Calm Cleansing milk (every 3rd day I'll use the Anthony Logistics Glycolic cleanser)

Toner: Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening toner

Eye cream: PM Tarte Maracuja, AM Bobbi brown

If I have a pimple forming: Murad Acne Spot Treatment

Moisturizer: PM Tarte Maracuja oil, AM Kate Somerville Oil-Free 


I just bought the PTR Retinol Fusion PM and the Korres Wild Rose Sleeping Facial, so I'll be slowly integrating those into my routine and switching out the Tarte oil.


I also use a clarisonic every few days, as well as the PTR Buffing beads about once a week. 

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

Remove eye makeup (Clinique eye makeup remover)

Cleanse face:   Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel +Clarisonic Mia (or CeraVe cleanser)

Toner:  Kiehl's Ultra Facial or Origins A Perfect World

Serum:  Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum,  Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Eye Cream:   Shiseido Benefiance

Moisturizer:  Clarins Multi-Active Night

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine

my night skincare routine is simple and effective and I love to do it!

first I wash my face with baby soap to cleanse and remove makeup easily especially on my eye area without any tears.

every night so far Ive also been using lemon juice on my face then I go to bed and wake up with brighter skin so.......maybe I will continue to do that  Smiley Happy

I multi-use my nivea crème so I put it on  my whole eye area and lashes+brows.

last but not least I rub some nivea into my lips then top it off with my current favorite of the EOS honeysuckle honeydew.

Smiley Very Happy <3

Re: Bedtime Beauty Routine


  • Coconut oil to remove my make-up.
  • Neutrogena Oil-free scrub (Been using this since my preteen years - Have tried higher end washes and scrubs but this still works best for me. Cheap too!)
  • After this, depending on how my skin feels, I will use a mask or a skin peel. Most of the time I just use PTR's cucumber gel mask.
  • Apply Lancome Visionnaire.
  • If I'm going through some breakouts, I spot treat with Murad's acne treatment gel.
  • If I feel the need to, I'll apply some of my Olay moisturizer - I believe it's the active hydrating one. Once again, have tried a few high end moisturizers but the Olay is the only one thus far that has not made me break out. To be honest, my skin is pretty fickle and I just like to stay with the stuff that I know works. Don't fix it if it ain't broke ;-)


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