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Beauty profile "titles"

Hey I'm not sure if this question is answered anywhere but I've tried looking for it with no luck. What determines those titles that everyone has like "SCENE QUEEN" or "BEAUTY BUFF" or "SPECIAL GUEST"... what makes anyone any of those? I was something like 'SCENE QUEEN" once and now I'm a "BEAUTY RESIDENT"... There are so many titles that I don't know which is better or worse per se. Is it simply the number of questions you answer? Or what? Why isn't there some kind of page which lists all of the titles and what they mean because they seem kind of random to me.

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Re: Beauty profile "titles"

The titles change according to how many questions you ask and answer.  There are a lot of titles and they will continue to change as you ask and answer questions.  None of the titles mean anything bad.  So far I haven't been able to figure out what order the titles are given, etc., but like I said none of them are bad so it's nothing to worry about.

Smiley Happy

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Re: Beauty profile "titles"

Hope this helps! :smileywink:   This is from the Ask the Experts section.

The levels for Beauty Talk depends on the amount of activity you do in our online community such as giving hearts, posting and replying to questions and interacting. This allows you to be surprised at the new titles you get such as "Newcomer" for a user who just started and "Beauty Master" for a user who has been posting for awhile.


Re: Beauty profile "titles"

Thanks for posting nursetre! Your description of Beauty profile "titles" was on point. I'm sure all newcomers to Beauty Talk will appreciate this thread. Smiley Wink

Re: Beauty profile "titles"

Thanks so much for asking this! I didn't get it either!! Smiley Happy

<3 beautygeek97

Re: Beauty profile "titles"

Whenever I see "BEAUTY BOSS" next to my name, I start cracking up! I love it Smiley Happy I think I would stick with that one if I could Smiley Tongue

Re: Beauty profile "titles"

I'm new to the forum and am confused as well, what are the rankings? 

Re: Beauty profile "titles"

I love that someone posted about this.  Idk how but I had two Sephora profiles (but one BI card? Weird) so under my old account I had the "scene queen" title which was cool, now i'm just a newbie.  lol  

Re: Beauty profile "titles"

I don't know how the titles usually progress, but here's how I've seen mine change (not too many changes since I'm fairly new to BT):



Beauty Maven

Beauty Buff

Beauty Whiz

Beauty Savant


I do wish they had a page to see how to change your title and what each one means! Smiley Happy


Re: Beauty profile "titles"

I wish they had a page like that too! I'm really curious about how it works. 

Re: Beauty profile "titles"

 I'm only commenting because I was wondering the same thing, and just realized I got a new title! Beauty Buff Smiley Happy Then I saw all the gurus and hall of famers and got a little reality check, LOL!

Re: Beauty profile "titles"

I just found this thread...Thank you so much for posting it!

Muaaaahhhhhh (kiss) Smiley Happy


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