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Beauty insider

Is it free, how do I get points, do i get lots of free things??? Please help

Hi ClaireCh!   I can help you with this! I'm going to sen...

Hi ClaireCh!


I can help you with this! I'm going to send you a private message to get more information from you. Smiley Happy 

<3, Randee

Re: Beauty insider

hello !

i made a purchase from a sephora store and i would like to add the points to my beauty insider account.

anyone can help?

Thanks kssweetheart!   That's correct nlovesmac123, just...

Thanks kssweetheart!


That's correct nlovesmac123, just one more thing, in order to qualify for VIB status you must spend $350 before taxes in a single calendar year. Hope this helps! Happy shopping Smiley Happy.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Thanks kssweetheart!   That's correct nlovesmac123, just...


Thanks to you too, I didn't realize it was $350 B4 taxes, so thanks for that. Have a wonderful day, hope you get to go home soon and celebrate Easter, if you celebrate. If not, just celebrate being home!! Smiley Happy

Yup! It's free nlovesmac123! All you have to do is sign u...

Yup! It's free nlovesmac123! All you have to do is sign up. I believe you go to the 'My Account' page and then click on 'subscriptions' and enter your email, then it should take you to another page where you just enter your info and you should be all set. You can always look for a bt/mod to ask questions, although I'm sure many others will post the correct info just incase my info's a little off. You could also call Customer Service (1-877-SEPHORA) and get info from them.


Also, A VIB is different than a Beauty Insider. You need to purchase $350.00 worth of products during one calendar year in order to be a VIB, there is other info on the site that will tell you more about it. There is no cost to become a Beauty Insider.You do get points (pretty sure 1 for every dollar) when you get to 100 points and 500 points you are offered a gift/perk when checking out. Obviously the 500 point perk is bigger. You get 3 samples with purchase and periodic special offers, special gifts with purchase and an occasional discount. You also get a birthday gift when you make a purchase within a certain time frame. I think it makes it worthwhile to shop here.


When you post things here people will give you hearts if they like/agree with what you've said. Likewise, if you read something that somebody else posted you can give them a heart,  just click on the little black & white heart. Hearts are just for fun, it's neat to see them accumulate, some girls have over 3000 points!! Maybe some even have more,


I hope this helped you and "Welcome to The World of Sephora" (that's what it says when you call the 877#) Smiley Happy Seriously, welcome, I think you'll find some great perks and a great group of people here.

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