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Beauty bank points not showing

I've posted this once before and got a PM back. I responded to the PM but never got a response back. I have called Sephora several times and even asked salespeople in person at the store. I'm really getting frustrated with this problem as I'm not getting anywhere. 


I have purchased several times throughout the year and my beauty bank points always show as 0. I made a purchase sometime last month and they still haven't updated. Still 0 points. My purchase history shows correctly and I have never redeemed any beauty bank points for anything other than the free birthday gift.


Hopefully someone could finally help me because I have tried so much but nobody has ever really given any effort into looking into this problem.

my points dissapeared too the other day but i called cust...

my points dissapeared too the other day but i called customer service and they said to give them 2 weeks to investigate and boom, problem was fixed a week later. my points are maybe just give them time? Be persistent though too. Hope this helps.

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