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Beauty Insider Start Date



I recently found out that the calendar year that determines VIB status isn't necessarily January-December, but depends on the month when you signed up as a Beauty Insider. After poking around the site a bit, I can't seem to find this information about my account. Is there any way of finding out what my personal calendar year is/when my account was created?



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Re: Beauty Insider Start Date

Hi Nuke, 


In order to be a VIB you must spend $350 within the January -December of that particular year. 


So lets say you qualified for VIB in May of this year, your VIB status will be valid through the rest of this year and up to May of 2013 when you will need to re-qualify again to keep VIB status.


Right now your account needs $61 more to reach VIB status so you can keep it through 2013. So if you qualify by December 1, then you will  have VIB status through then. I hope this makes more sense for you!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Beauty Insider Start Date

Thanks for your response, Diana!


Just to clarify -

Let's say I have so far spent $0 at Sephora.

Then during December 2012, I spend $200.

On January 1, 2013, will my dollars spent towards VIB status reset to $0, because I had not reached the $350 necessary in the 2012 calendar year?

Re: Beauty Insider Start Date

Yes! Your spend total resets every January 1. You would have to spend $150 more by December 31st to qualify for VIB for the next year. 


Your points will stay the same and do not expire or dissappear. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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