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Beauty Insider Credits on Wrong Account - Tech Fail

So I have an app that scans and stores rewards cards on my Android phone, and apparently it somehow scanned a completely different account # than the one that is mine, so some other account has been getting my credits. Tech Fail! Smiley Sad


I called CS earlier and they said to fax in my receipts so they can credit my account.  Looking back on my credit card statements. I might have only saved one of my receipts and I have a total of 4 transactions that went to the wrong account.


I have my credit card statements that has the store # dates, amounts and maybe a transaction ID.  Will this suffice?  It has my name address and phone # on the same document, but I don't think my phone # is currently associated with my beauty insider account.


I was also given a VIB card from my last store visit but I think that # is now also associated with the wrong account........


Help please!

Re: Beauty Insider Credits on Wrong Account - Tech Fail

Hi Gizmokat I'm not familiar with that app, but I will be happy to add your points and take a look at your account. I will send you a message for more information.

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