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Banned from shopping online

I got banned from shopping online and was told I can only shop in store. 

I have been a VIBR for years and got more than 17k points which I almost never redeemed. 

I placed an order during this sale season at around $300 to keep my VIBR status. However they lost my package. The beauty advisor asked me if I wanted a refund or repurchase. I definitely wanted them and I told her I wanted repurchase so that she placed my order again online and it got shipped(not received yet) 

And before this, one of my good friend who is also a VIBR placed her order and shipped to my address since she is aboard and unable to receive the package. 

and I don’t know until now what happens above seems like messed my account up.... 


I redeemed 2500 points for the $100 for the first time and got a confirmation email... however when I checked back. It said “unsuccessful authorization” 


-I contacted customer service online - very disappointing 

-I contact rouge hotline 3 times - horrifying 

-Sephora emailed me back - they just copied long paragraphs from other solutions I guess - did not solve my issue at all and there was no legitimate reason to ban me from shopping online


the ‘reasons’ they banned me from shopping online are

- two many damaged or lost items (only happened to me once which is days ago and it is NOT MY FAULT)

- sharing account with others ( it is easy to check I’m not sharing my account with anyone. The orders I placed are all using the same card and same address) 

- address not valid or bank has issue ( ??????? Address is good and my card is in good standing)


I don’t know why this happened to me and I have searched there are a lot of postings having the same issue and seems didn’t got resolved. 

when you’ve done nothing wrong and being a loyalty member for years... Sephora still treats u like s*** this is ridiculous.. lost my package seems like my fault .... it is just so funny ... 


Re: Banned from shopping online

Same thing happened to me and my friend. Seems like its happening to a lot of customers right now where they are just using some excuse to ban account with too many points. My friend had 3000 points in her account and Sephora got her entire order wrong during the 20% off sale. Instead of correcting it, the customer representative told her that they can't do anything about it since there are too many complaints. So she went to cancel her order through her credit card company and Sephora banned her account from shopping for a year online... This just shows how Sephora doesn't care about their own customers except for their money.

Re: Banned from shopping online

This seems like a frequent issue right now at Sephora. Similar situation currently happening to me. Also unresolved. 

Re: Banned from shopping online

Hi @vickyyywww,


Upon review, it appears that Laurie is currently assisting you and will respond to your private message as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.



Re: Banned from shopping online

Is there a way to get account reinstated?

Re: Banned from shopping online

Hi @Hanna999,


I'll be happy to take a look in more detail and I'll send you a message.


Warm regards,


Re: Banned from shopping online

Still unresolved fairly.

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