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Bad in store experience

I have shopped online with Sephora for several years and have been very happy. I had only wished there was a store close to me. Then it happened! Just a few days ago one opened in the local Penny's, only a short 10 minute drive. And it was new and pretty, and filled with all the things I love. I should be happy, but I think I will stay with making my purchases online, thank you very much. What should have been an awesome day shopping just made me kind of sad. Plenty of sales people, but non to help me? So, after helping myself (might as well been shopping online) I go to the checkout. Even though there are two people ringing up sales behind a desk, a sales lady from the floor comes and interrupts my transaction... but wait! My heart lifts as I hear the lady’s words! She hands not one but TWO full size products to the cashier and says with a smile to me, we are gifting her products! Wow! Thanks, I said. The lady blinked, and pointed to the lady BEHIND me waiting to check out. Oh....heart fell. I was wondering how this woman managed to get two full size products gifted and I can't even find help. The cahier hands me my bag and I ask...."Um, when I order online I get free samples. Do we not get those in store?" And she tells me I have to find them "somewhere" around the store and ask a floor person. I just left....I was thinking "Bite Me!" but I didn't say and went to buy shoes. I think I will leave my in store purchases to the direct counters or to Ulta.


For anyone wondering this is the new Sephora in Penny's at Rivergate Mall in Goodlettsville TN 37072

Re: Bad in store experience

Hi orangepez,


I'll be happy to forward your store complaint directly to the store. Please let me know if you wish to be contacted back in regards to your experience so I can forward your contact information directly to store management.  For future reference you are always welcome to ask a cast member for free samples of any items you are interested in. Smiley Happy



Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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