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Bad Customer Service in Appleton, Wi Store

So, I am a frequent Sephora shopper, mainly the one in Green Bay, WI but because it is a Sephora inside of JCP, I decided to go to the Appleton store with my friend.  WHAT A MISTAKE!


It all began okay.  I wanted to try on Dior Nude on my skin and get a color match, to see how my skin reacted.  The lady who I got.. she seemed friendly in the beginning, until she started to push products on me.  First, she tried to push on an hourglass foundation, which I had no interested in but decided to allow her to put it on.  Well... I told her i preferred it natural looking.  Yeah.. like that was going to happen.  She caked it on me and make it very heavy on my face.  When I told her it was too heavy, she glared at me while taking it off before applying the Dior foundation with a heavy application, even though I told her I would have preferred a little application.


Oh wait, it gets worse.  After she applied the application of foundation and I was talking about how my skin is sensitive to product.  She tries to thrust Philisophy's Acne regime on me (my acne isn't that bad). I told her I didn't want it, because most acne products irritate my face, in which she told me that it is weird, as though I didn't know my skin.  She then tried to force more products on me, all of them which I denied, not wanting to get it at the moment.


After all that was said and done, she asked me if I wanted powder on my face.  I said yes, as long as it was only on my forehead and nose.  Well, she didn't listen and put it all over my face.


Matters only seemed to get worse when I decided to return a product.  They were acting like: Oh, is this product not good enough for you?  The guy who helped me out was extremely rude and when I told him I wanted a sample of something, he passed me off to a woman while he was just standing around.




The last lady was at least polite to me and thanked me for coming however, it didn't help my experience at all.  I felt embarrassed in front of my friend with the customer service that I received from them.  It made me feel like I wasn't a "worthy" customer of their store.  It really makes me reconsider shopping here ever again, especially with the way that I was treated. 

Re: Bad Customer Service in Appleton, Wi Store

UPDATE: I just received a email apologizing for the customer service that I received on this day.  They are sending me the Tocca Candle set for free (without wasting my beauty points) and I get a free 45 min. makeup application.


Thank you, Mia, for passing this on!

Re: Bad Customer Service in Appleton, Wi Store

Hi Manda,


I'm so sorry to hear about your experience!  I'll send you a message to chat about it a little bit more & see how I can help Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

Re: Bad Customer Service in Appleton, Wi Store

Thank you, Mia <3

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