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BI Points not correct

According to my calculations I have spent a total of $409.00 at my local Sephora this year.  I got this number based off of the purchases I made with my debit/credit cards since 1/1/12.  However I only have 221 points.  I don't know why half of my points would be missing unless the sales clerks did not ring up my purchase correctly.  Is there anything that can be done to correct my balance?

Re: BI Points not correct

I had this issue as well and come to find out, not only were the points not adding up~ the dollar amount towards my VIB status was also not being totaled with some purchases. Luckily I had my receipts and whole lot of patience to email back and forth with Sephora around 30 times until it was fixed. It is likely a glitch in their system. It shows your BI account number at the top of the receipt but doesn't add all or some of your purchase to your "Purchase History" online like it should/give you points. Good luck getting this fixed! It can be a long process!

Re: BI Points not correct

Hi MarilynMC I will be happy to take a look at your account and check your points.  I will send you a message with more information. Smiley Happy

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