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Are they bugs that will never be fixed? or is it just me?

Ok, so I know multiple people have mentioned about the different format of the threads, where some have indentation for replies and others have the hidden comment format. We hate the latter, and it's not a bug from the new site because I definitely remember the hidden comment format from the old website because it was also bugging me back then. Is this ever going to be fixed? do we know how we can avoid posting in the hidden comment format?


Also, editing post is not very pleasant. When creating the post, I get this nice menu on top and this cute insert picture interface on the right. However, when I go back to edit the post because I forgot something, I see this:

Untitled.png.....which is kind of small and unless I know the keyboard short cut, I am unable to do any of the styles for my text. I am also unable to insert videos or use different fonts but most importantly (oh it looks like the font and color shows up when I edit but not in the actual post):


I am unable to put up a picture from my album. If I want to insert picture in a post that I already posted, I have to either upload from my computer or get the link from internet (the drag photos here doesn't work, nor can I put in the album picture link to insert it). If this is due to my poor understanding, I would love to know how to insert pictures from my album when I'm editing a post.


Sorry, they were bugging me for a while and today's apparently the Get It Out Of Your Mind day for beautytester. Thank you for reading.


Re: Are they bugs that will never be fixed? or is it just me?

I wasn't able to reply underneath comment threads (only above) until I switched to Firefox.  I still have not been able to drag a file.  It would be nice to open another Sephora window and drag photo directly from website.  Instead, I have to save it on my computer, then choose file.  I'm getting quite a few photos of makeup and skincare products saved on my computer that I really don't want to keep.

Re: Are they bugs that will never be fixed? or is it just me?

Hi beautytester,


Great feedback!  The threading of some posts are a little odd Smiley Sad  I think it makes the difference if you are posting a "Discussion" topic or a "Q&A" that will thread it differently.  Thanks for bringing your concerns to us... we're always looking for ways to improve our already fab community Smiley Wink


xo, Mia

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