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Appropriate Makeup

Hi Guys! Im 14 And I've Been Experimenting With Makeup Since 5th Grade. I Want To Know Your Opinions On The Appropriate Makeup For My Age. What I Wear Now: Mascara Eye Liner Baby Lips, Lip Gloss, Or Lip Balm Slightly Filled In Brows Because Mine Are Light Blush

Re: Appropriate Makeup

I think that you can wear what you're wearing, the biggest young girl fad that I don't care for is wearing black liner on the bottom lid.  I think it's more of an adult look to go with smoky eyes and for special occasions.  But I like nude shimmery shadow with a golden color, it looks great on everyone.  For liner if you have light hair I would use a brown liner, I really like Almay liner in brown topaz for blue eyes.  Black is good if you have dark hair. Throw on any sparkley colored gloss I think baby pink or raspberry colored gloss is fresh and pretty.  I loved Lip Smackers vanilla, raspberry, and Dr. Pepper.  I really like Bath and Body Works glosses, the fruit punch is so yummy.  Don't forget a fun young smell like VS Vanilla Lace, or Love Spell.  I also love Hollister Laguna Beach and Gap Pink. 

Re: Appropriate Makeup

What you're doing sounds good. Remember to add a moisturizer, it is never too early to start. You can get ones with acne treatment in them to help prevent acne as well. If/when you do get breakouts try to use mineral foundation as it is the least irritating for your skin and gives you good coverage. 


Mostly just have fun with it for now and don't do anything too drastic, like over tweezing. 

Re: Appropriate Makeup

to tell you the truth, i didn't wear make-up until i was 16. i simply wasn't allowed. now i thank my mom for making me wait because my skin is much better for it. i would say taking care of your body is the best thing (staying hydrated, getting 30 mins of exercise a day, and getting good nutrients). other than that, stay as sheer and light-weight as possible. so far, what you have seems fine. just don't share make up (it isn't stingy, it is safe) and sanitize. always take your make-up off at night. if you're going to put it on, you should know how to take it off first. hope this helps Smiley Happy

Re: Appropriate Makeup

Less is more & Don't share Smiley Happy


Good luck dear!

Re: Appropriate Makeup

I think that sounds about right. At your age you don't want to be wearing heavy makeup, especially not face makeup, if you don't have to. Makeup can wear on your skin, so its actually better not to use it if you already have good skin. 

Just make sure you are taking proper care with your makeup, dont share eye products (or really any other product), make sure you keep things sanitary, and remover your makeup at night. All in all, I think you are fine Smiley Happy


~We are all beautiful~

Re: Appropriate Makeup

I agree with @berniebeauty and @deecharm.  Less is better.  I wish I could turn the clocks back and tell myself that (over tweezed eyebrows, over processed hair, too many products that I didn't need that made my skin so sensitive now, no sunblock!).  Now, I feel like I have to make up.  I know that may not be the answer you're looking for but keep it simple and if you want to wear a little makeup, keep it natural to enhance all your beautiful features.  Don't hide them or try to change them.

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