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Any Canadians out there?

If so how do you feel about this duty we are being charged? Anyone still buying? Do we have any options?

Re: Any Canadians out there?

While in theory that is correct, Sephora clearly doesn't understand the shipping and duty laws (or grade school math). I made an $8 order last week, and was charged $1.44 in tax, and $0.93 in duty. Not really sure why Sephora seems unable to do simple math, but It's incredibly annoying that they charged me 18% in tax instead of 13%, and they charged 11.6% duty when that should have been a duty-free order.

Re: Any Canadians out there?

The info I posted above came right from a message from Sephora's CS.  I'd contact them about that order if I see in your shoes. 

Re: Any Canadians out there?

I was always under the impression that the price difference between Canadian stores and American stores was to cover exchange rate and duty prices.  So if there is a problem with the shipping across the border, I am sure they have a Sephora warehouse in Canada why not ship out Canadian stores from their Canadian distributing centres?   


Instead of aggravating all the Canadian customers, especially the ones that spend a lot of money in their stores.  


I think they really need to step up their game. Before Sephora was the only option, but now with SDM, the bay and many Sears carrying high end make-up, they actually will have to start competing with their competitors, rather than the "we can charge them what-ever we want because they don't have any other options" mentality.

Re: Any Canadians out there?

I will appreciate if anyone can explain me about duty charges. I shop exclusively online and due to blind trust rarely check the exact amount charged all I noticed that now the invoice attached on my parcels include only the product names and not the individual or collective charges.

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