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Am I the only one?

The VIB Rouge perks aren't worth it. By that I mean I wont feel the pressure to make it next year. If I get it, I get it. I don't feel special AT ALL as Rouge.

Re: Am I the only one?

i would like to imagine all the people running sephora silently taking in all these sad/angry quotes, tapping their fingertips together diabolically so that on christmas they could shower us with gifts yelling "HA! and you said we sucked! Take some of this- *throws a benefit mascara sample* and this- *lit cosmetics glitter* AND THIS -*stackable Rouge promotion codes and exclusive rouge point perks*" and we'd be like "YAY SEPHORA YOU *DO* CARE ABOUT ROUGE!!!!!"

i was was lusting please don't judge me

Re: Am I the only one?

Sarah, I really adore your hope and wonderful positive attitude! I hope so too!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Am I the only one?

haha thank you! Smiley Happy

Re: Am I the only one?

ooh that would be awesome! hopefully at least next year they have some stuff for rouge members! 


i never hit rouge on purpose, i just bought a ton of stuff that I wanted and it just happened, so I'm not too bummed. but it'd still be nice if they threw in some bonuses.

Re: Am I the only one?

For me, it appears that they wanted to hype the Rouge program as an upscale incentive to encourage customer loyalty and compete for dollars that top tiered customers have readily at their disposal. At the very least, they should have their customer associates trained to provide for an upscale experience, such as writing a handwritten postcard thanking the Rouge for stopping by their store and that they look forward to their return.  I have received notes from Talbots, J Crew and other retailers. At J Crew, I have even received a box of peaches from their CEO, Mickey Drexler, thanking me for my business and a planner. Indeed, the Rouge hotline which is suppose to provide informative and helpful service is peppered by many representatives that lack any training in how to provide even the most basic of advice and problem solving. In a nutshell, this program should had been better vetted and planned prior to the roll out, and instead of encouraging customer loyalty has served to alienate many of the top tiered spenders.

Re: Am I the only one?

That is true. I was amazed the first time a Nordstrom employee ordered something for me that was out of stock at the store and they CALLED me a few days after it had arrived to make sure I got my package and was satisfied with it. I literally asked her: Wait...who's this?

Re: Am I the only one?

I completely agree. I had such high hopes for Rouge and was so excited when I made it but it has been SUCH a letdown! The email that went out today re the Rouge holiday gift, for example. WHY do Rouge members who have spent so much money and are such loyal customers only get $5 extra for the gift card than regular entry level Beauty Insiders??? Yes, the gift card is certainly appreciated, don't get me wrong about that. But it definitely just feels like a slap in the face to be like you have spent hundreds of dollars more than everyone here's $5 extra.... REALLY? 


The icing on the cake was the "special" Rouge holiday gift...A mirror compact??? I've heard some people say they like the gift, but for most it seems to be that they like it because it's something instead of nothing. Frankly, I think it's such a letdown. I have absolutely no use for a random mirror compact. If I'm carrying a powder compact with already has a mirror. I just find it to be totally useless and not very special at all. Besides the fact that you had to spend $50 to get it. REALLY? 


It seems like if they're trying to actually have a top-tier loyalty program they shouldn't be so stingy with the rewards and incentives because I agree, it's totally not shaping up to be what I expected at all, and if any friends asked, I'd tell them it's totally not worth it. 


Sephora, I still love you, but Rogue has really been a letdown. You need to step up your game before you alienate all of your top spenders. 

Re: Am I the only one?

I agree. I didn't make purchases with the intent to become a VIB Rouge, but as disappointed that there aren't more/better perks of being at the "top" of the VIB statuses.


Just one example, we're supposed to receive a free surprise gift with every purchase, but on my last purchase I didn't get anything. Ugh.

But besides that, the free gifts are basically the 100 point gifts.

However I feel I shouldn't complain too much, because after all, whatever I get is free, and if I didn't like what I was getting as a Rouge I wouldn't have to shop at Sephora - no one's twisting my arm, ha!


I understand feeling gypped, especially when comparing what we get compared to the other statuses, but can we really complain when we're getting free stuff?


I mean, if we aren't happy we can shop elsewhere...just giving my perspective.


Please don't hate me, ha! Smiley Happy


Just trying to look at it from a different perspective.

Re: Am I the only one?

Only thing I'm getting is whiplash from all the threads being slammed over into the customer service thread today.

Re: Am I the only one?

i noticed that too! if a thread is tagged as customer service then it no longer shows up under beautytalk? was this always the case? so are threads being deleted entirely or just being moved to customer service where they can't be seen anymore or some of both?

Re: Am I the only one?

I am new here. What is a bin rogue? Please explain !!!

Re: Am I the only one?

vib rouge is the newest and highest status you can get as a customer of sephora. vib is the status you achieve when you spend $350 or more within a calendar year at sephora online or in-store. vib rouge is the status you achieve when you spend $1000 or more within a calendar year. but honestly, it's not worth it to TRY to get this status. my cousin has this status and is very disappointed. it was very hyped up and made out to be amazing, but she hasn't gotten any benefits yet (other than a one time 10% code, a mini bite lipstick, and free shipping with no min. purchase online). hope this helps!

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