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Airbrush Foundation! Please Help!

I want to purchase the instant airbrush foundation, but I'm not quite sure how to apply it or what brush to purchase to go along with it to use it for blending. I've read many good reviews about this product but none explaining how to propery wear it. Any help or advice will be much appreciated Smiley Very Happy

Re: Airbrush Foundation! Please Help!

You can also spray the foundation directly onto the brush (just work quickly after). The back of your hand is always nice to warm up the product a little bit, but if you want to save time (and clean-up), spraying directly onto the brush (either a standard synthetic foundation brush or rounded synthetic brush like MUFE's HD Brush work well to buff this into the skin) is a tip I learned in a Dior training that I've found to be helpful (also works for standard liquid foundations). If you blend well and quickly you'll prevent streaking. Then, if you'd like you can finish blending with the warmth of the fingertips.

Re: Airbrush Foundation! Please Help!

To better blend out aerosal foundations or foundations in spray cans, use soft brushes like buffing brushes or stippling brushes to blend and soften the overall initial spray of the product.


Urban Decay's Good Buffing Brush or Tarte's Airbrush Finish Brush are great options:

Good Karma Optical Blurring BrushAirbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush

Both use synthetic bristles as to not absorb product and the rounded, domed tops prevent streaking and allow for an even amount of pressure to be applied to your face while buffing and using the brush in a rotating fashion to evenly distribute product.


Other brushes, like stippling brushes are also beneficial as the variation of longer and shorter hairs gives a more delicate blend. Sephora's own brand and Too Faced makes great stippling brushes, the TF one even retracts!

Pro Stippling Brush #44Retractable Bronze-Buki Brush


With aerosal foundations, keep the container about 4-6 inches from your face and apply delicate and even pressure when pressing to dispense product from the nozzle. While spraying, gently rotate the hand holding product so you're not getting a concentrated stream of product directed in one spot. This distance will also keep the mist from being too strong against your eyes, so you can keep them open to see the amount you're applying.


Take the brush and buff out starting around the hairline, blending from your jaw to your neck, forehead to hairline, sides of the cheeks to the sides of the face, etc. If need be, go back over the center portions of your face just to buff and even things out.


I've worked with both aerosal foundations and genuine airbrush foundations and will say that aerosal, canned foundations don't tend to last very long if you're looking to use them as your full/actual foundation. You can get longer use out of them as a finishing mist/foundation over your powder, liquid, or cream foundations.

Re: Airbrush Foundation! Please Help!

Get the ELF powder brush (or similarly shaped synthetic brush if you don't like that brand), spray directly on to the brush, and stipple all over face. The Dior Airflash mentioned above is pricey but AMAZINGGG! If you spray directly on to your face, I've heard of people running out in a few weeks, but spraying on to a brush makes this stuff last soo much longer. Hope that helps! Smiley Happy 

Re: Airbrush Foundation! Please Help!

Airbrush foundation tends to be on a messier side of all foundation. It could get onto your hair if you spray it directly onto your face. I would spray the instant foundation on either the back of your hand or a blank credit card type card. This way it wouldnt be as messy and you wouldn't use as much. But I guess this takes away the instant? Any type of foundation brush would do, I prefer a buffing brush to blend the foundation out. Just dab the brush in the foundation and blend away. 

Dior Instant Foundation is expensive but one of the better instant spray foundation.


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