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6th Order This Month

I know that some of the moderators & others have expressed their not-so-favorable thoughts about the Promo code thread but I want to say, it has gotten me to place 6 orders this month (May 28th- June 6th, not even a month).  It was not the promos on the official website (not impressed) but the promos all you lovely ladies found and posted.  


I know I cannot speak for everyone (although I have seen several girls post that they made extra orders because of the promos), but I know for myself, I would have been a lot stingier if it hadn't been for the amazing codes.  I would have placed one order this month (for the Bite items).  The rest of my orders were all because of the promos (I bought a bunch of stuff on my heart list- I could have bought those items within a 6 month stretch or during a 15% off week).


Ultimately isn't this what's most important for/to Sephora (making customers happy and having them spend money on their items?) It shouldn't matter if they use an older promo code; I am spending lots of money at your store Smiley Happy Also, if a promo is gone, I think it would be excellent customer service if someone from Sephora would contact the buyer (who is probably spending $50+ on their order) and ask if they would like a different promo. 


I know some of you may not agree with me, but this has been on my heart. I'm not trying to be mean, rude, ungrateful, or anything like that. I think that customer service, keeping customers happy (especially people who drop hundreds of dollars at your store), and being positive when representing a company is really important.

Re: 6th Order This Month

ok I just looked- I would have placed 2 orders. 1 order for the Bite items (for me!) and 1 for my grandma's birthday present!

Re: 6th Order This Month

Hi RoxyStar4, 


I entirely understand what you mean. It's not that we think the promo thread is a bad idea or using older codes is bad, it's that we personally do not have control over their availability online as we have hundreds if not thousands of codes that are used- some run out faster than others, some are put back up due to a system error and many are limited times only. If any are available you can absolutely use them!  We encourage you all to add and use promo codes when you can but with the older ones we just cannot guarantee as they can sometimes be reactivated in error or not be available. We hope to soon have this updated in our system to reflect their status during checkout more accurately. 


That being said, any of us mods would be happy to check for you if you wish to use a specific one or if you have questions about one you would like to use! We do want our client's happy and love helping you all out- we just have only so much that our team can do and have control over. I'm definitely going to forward your feedback to our promotions and Beauty Insider team and appreciate you taking the time to share with us.


Please feel free to message any of us at any time for any questions or concerns you may have- we're help to help! Smiley Happy 


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: 6th Order This Month

Diana, thank you for the thoughtful response. I'm really glad to know that I can always ask you/other mods about a promo.  


And also thank you for sending the info along to other departments. I included the sentence about the contacting a buyer if a promo is gone because I felt that a simple 1 min call could save some negative PR/an unhappy customer from leaving and not spending $$$$ at Sephora anymore, but choosing Ulta, beauty dot com or other retailers. 


I just felt that the codes were being heavily discouraged - yet it was bringing so much joy to me & so many other BT users.  (even though it was/is draining my wallet! LOL). Literal joy- like dancing when getting my boxes from UPS.


Thank you again Diana & I hope you have a great weekend

Re: 6th Order This Month

No problem, all of us mods love ordering online and getting our free promos too so we know how you feel Smiley Happy


You're welcome to use them and check with us if you need to, I just would hate for more people to open an order and find the code was not included because it was out of stock but not updated. Smiley Sad  Your feedback is very important and I want to share what our clients would like-Those requests help us improve and be better for everyone. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: 6th Order This Month

@diana what has been your favorite promo lately?

Re: 6th Order This Month

I really liked the VIB Amore Pacific mini set but another favorite is always the Skincare sampler bags, mini perfumes or the Origins promos- I love Origins skincare! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: 6th Order This Month

ohhh the VIBAMORE ran out before I could place an order. oh well! Maybe next time. It looked like a cool promo. BESTSKIN looks great too. 

Smiley Happy

Re: 6th Order This Month

I love this thread and totally agree.


i was on a no-buy and the number of amazing codes helped to push me over into buying!

Re: 6th Order This Month

I've also placed many orders in the past week because of the codes!


However, I wish I could have placed just one order. PLEASE let us apply multiple codes to an order. A $25-49.99 order would allow one code, a $50-74.99 order would allow two codes, etc.


The employees at the Sephora warehouse would appreciate it too, I'm sure!

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