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6th Order This Month

I know that some of the moderators & others have expressed their not-so-favorable thoughts about the Promo code thread but I want to say, it has gotten me to place 6 orders this month (May 28th- June 6th, not even a month).  It was not the promos on the official website (not impressed) but the promos all you lovely ladies found and posted.  


I know I cannot speak for everyone (although I have seen several girls post that they made extra orders because of the promos), but I know for myself, I would have been a lot stingier if it hadn't been for the amazing codes.  I would have placed one order this month (for the Bite items).  The rest of my orders were all because of the promos (I bought a bunch of stuff on my heart list- I could have bought those items within a 6 month stretch or during a 15% off week).


Ultimately isn't this what's most important for/to Sephora (making customers happy and having them spend money on their items?) It shouldn't matter if they use an older promo code; I am spending lots of money at your store Smiley Happy Also, if a promo is gone, I think it would be excellent customer service if someone from Sephora would contact the buyer (who is probably spending $50+ on their order) and ask if they would like a different promo. 


I know some of you may not agree with me, but this has been on my heart. I'm not trying to be mean, rude, ungrateful, or anything like that. I think that customer service, keeping customers happy (especially people who drop hundreds of dollars at your store), and being positive when representing a company is really important.

Re: 6th Order This Month

ohhh the VIBAMORE ran out before I could place an order. oh well! Maybe next time. It looked like a cool promo. BESTSKIN looks great too. 

Smiley Happy

Re: 6th Order This Month

@diana what has been your favorite promo lately?

Re: 6th Order This Month

ok I just looked- I would have placed 2 orders. 1 order for the Bite items (for me!) and 1 for my grandma's birthday present!

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