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6th Order This Month

I know that some of the moderators & others have expressed their not-so-favorable thoughts about the Promo code thread but I want to say, it has gotten me to place 6 orders this month (May 28th- June 6th, not even a month).  It was not the promos on the official website (not impressed) but the promos all you lovely ladies found and posted.  


I know I cannot speak for everyone (although I have seen several girls post that they made extra orders because of the promos), but I know for myself, I would have been a lot stingier if it hadn't been for the amazing codes.  I would have placed one order this month (for the Bite items).  The rest of my orders were all because of the promos (I bought a bunch of stuff on my heart list- I could have bought those items within a 6 month stretch or during a 15% off week).


Ultimately isn't this what's most important for/to Sephora (making customers happy and having them spend money on their items?) It shouldn't matter if they use an older promo code; I am spending lots of money at your store Smiley Happy Also, if a promo is gone, I think it would be excellent customer service if someone from Sephora would contact the buyer (who is probably spending $50+ on their order) and ask if they would like a different promo. 


I know some of you may not agree with me, but this has been on my heart. I'm not trying to be mean, rude, ungrateful, or anything like that. I think that customer service, keeping customers happy (especially people who drop hundreds of dollars at your store), and being positive when representing a company is really important.

Re: 6th Order This Month

I don't order online because I have many a Sephoras in my area so I don't do codes/promos etc but I was really excited that I got 2 sample packets at checkout a couple of days ago (I bought 3 bottles of the KVD tattoo lock it foundation)


Re: 6th Order This Month

I must've missed this why would anyone at all have a problem with the promo code thread when it does nothing but benefit everyone on here and I personally appreciate all the hard work that the girls who did it have done.

Re: 6th Order This Month

Like Diana said below, the problem comes when there is an issue and someone doesn't get the item they used a code for or there was a substitution or whatever. It's not like they have someone changing the codes by hand in their systems and I'm sure we have all had issues when a computer is saying one thing and it is totally not the case. (Like when your printer claims it's out of ink and refuses to print even if you can see ink in there! Gahhh!)


They just don't want to see anyone have problems and people can get really disappointed about a missing item and blame Sephora even if Sephora was making no advertised claim the item was available and may not have known there was a system issue. I try to be sure to let everyone know if there is any doubt about a code and definitely don't want anyone to have issues either, Sephora and I are definitely on the same page there. Smiley Happy As far as I see they just want everyone to get their orders properly.

Re: 6th Order This Month

@rikkie  you make some great points! This is an older post though and I feel like the moderator addressed this issue. Remember when people were super excited about the promos and every few posts it seemed like a moderator would post that the items were not guaranteed. I was just sharing my frustration with that- esp since many of us purchased items that we may not have at that time, if a certain promo wasnt available. The mod made it clear to me that we can always call or check with them to make sure something is available- WHEW!


I just imagined buying $50 worth of products, putting in VIBAMORE in for promo code and getting a small Sephora brand primer in the mail instead.

Re: 6th Order This Month

Yeah, I definitely agree with you! And seeing some people get a full size Origins moisturizer like one code was for and someone else getting a mini mini sample size, not cool. I'm happy that Diana said they were checking in to their system so it would hopefully be more reliable about what is and isn't in stock, and I think it has been pretty good lately and we've seen fewer people with problems.

Re: 6th Order This Month

Rikkie--I ordered a 100 point perk just after they announced it (supposedly Dior Kiss) but it turned out to be a different color which I already had sampled and did not care for as it was too orangey for me. So mistakes don't just happen based on old codes; sometimes the mistakes happen based on new promo codes or perks. I was lucky (which, now that I think of it, seems like it might have been the name of the color I got, lol!). Anyway, they credited me back my 100 points, so no harm, no foul. I do understand those concerns, but knock wood I have had decent luck with the computer telling me if a sample/promo/perk was in stock or out of stock most of the time. Plus, Sephora could do us a big favor and keep a longer list of in stock codes themselves. After all, they really don't want to keep samples in stock as they would rather see them go to the people that want them, who might be convinced to buy the full size later on. And yes, like the OP, I too have placed orders when motivated by a promo code and/or point perk. So I really look at the list as more favorable than unfavorable. Of course, I was searching for the list itself when I stumbled across this thread. So thanks to the person who posted the link for me. Yah! Heather

Re: 6th Order This Month

I see both sides but I feel like the codes are big excitement and everyone is always so thankful for the codes and the work it's just my opinion that I think the codes are great for everyone!

Re: 6th Order This Month

i really agree with you, i must have placed at least 10, i've already gotten 3 KVD full sized lipsticks, hand cream, perfume, mascara, skin cream. it makes me so happy placing orders then receiving something for free, but being a vib i really wish they would allow us two promo codes per order! 


not even in a stingy way, but i have over 800 points on this website, i would like to be able to use two promo codes 

Re: 6th Order This Month

Whaaaat there were full sized KVD lipsticks as a promo?!?!  Where was I?!

Re: 6th Order This Month

Hello! Where can I find the promo code thread?

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