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$25 VIB Rogue Promo Code Help?

So I got my $25 VIB Rogue coupon in my e-mail and finally decided to use it today. Except - once it's entered in it shows a balance of $0.00 and does not take anything off of my purchase. No one else had access to my e-mail or code, but it's showing up as if it's been used already. What is up with that?

Re: $25 VIB Rogue Promo Code Help?

I am having the same issue!

Re: $25 VIB Rogue Promo Code Help?

I called sephora and the an anto recording says they accidentally set the expiration date for the code as eastern time instead of pacific time and that we will still get to use it tomorrow 6am - 11:59pm eastern time. 

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