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2013 Birthday Gift

I visited my local Sephora today and received my birthday gift however, I was given the 2012 Fresh birthday gift and not the 2013 Benefit gift. My birthday is on January 15th and I am not really sure why I wasn't given the 2013 gift.

Re: 2013 Birthday Gift

I went there on the 4th and my birthdays the 18th, they gave me the option of either the 2012 or 2013 gift. So I chose the 2013 one, but they did have quite a few from 2012 left. Of course it differs from store to store.

Re: 2013 Birthday Gift

Yeah but I wasn't given a choice. I loved last year's gift but really wanted to try the highlighter in this year's (already know I love the mascara).

Re: 2013 Birthday Gift

Hi bleuorchid21,


This might have been due to the fact that this location has not yet gotten their benefit birthday gift shipment in. I'd recommend contacting the store directly to ask if they'll be getting their shipment in soon and asking if you can exchange it.

Whimsically yours,

Re: 2013 Birthday Gift

It may be a shipment/delivery issue to where your local store didn't get the 2013 gifts in yet so they substituted it for what was in stock.


Try calling back and seeing if they know when they'll get the gifts in and if you can bring it back to swap it out.

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