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2 Beauty Insider Questions...

Hi!  First, is it possible to get a new card?  I lost it quite some time ago and every time I make a purchase, they have difficulties finding me in the system.

Second, I made a purchase today and they weren't able to locate me so I didn't get the points.  I saw some previous questions about this and they were sent some instructions - can I get those?  I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!!  <3

Re: 2 Beauty Insider Questions...

Hi crzyspirit,


While we dont have any BI Cards in our office to send out, you can pick up a replacement at your local Sephora.  They can then link it to your existing account.  I will send you a message to help add your recent purchase points and to see if we can find a way of adding indicators to your account that would make it easier to find Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

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