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Post in Curly Hair

Ride the WAVE with me

Hey all,


My hair was a beautiful 3B my teen and college years. After issues with hormones and kids I have only wave left. It is frustrating not knowing how to style your hair anymore. My hair is now 2B, 2C would be an excellent day.


I plan to have a no-buy for makeup for one year (started Nov 2018) and focus on finding the right hair products. I want to take the process gradually and give things time.


I started using Devacurl in Spring 2018. I had low-poo, one condition, and arc angel gel. My hair looked and felt like straw and was not getting any curl back so I stopped using all three products.


In October I chopped off a lot of hair for donation and hoped to get some bounce back. The stylist (Deva certified) recommended no-poo, one condition, coconut styling cream, and b-leave in gel. The routine was okay but I wanted more out of my hair.


Over the past week I changed my styling product to arc angel gel. I know, I know, the stylist and others have already said it was too heavy for my hair. I just wanted to experiment and find what product caused my hair to turn to straw in the spring. Arc angel seems to be in the clear. But since it isn't helping with any curl, I will pass it on to my 3C/4A mom.


I plan to resume the last routine and see how it goes or if it still seems lackluster. My one condition is almost out but I have a one condition delight. I want to see how my hair reacts to this.


I also have samples of Decadence. I believe it will likely be too heavy but it is time to find what works and what doesn't.


So here begins my hair journey. Hoping to either learn to ride the waves or return to curl.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

I had my haircut today. I am still having the frizz problem so my stylist included a new product to me DEVACURL - Leave-In Decadence™ Ultra Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner

She feels that due to my longer length hair I am not using enough product. I will be using this in addition to my One Condition

EE495CD6-15BB-4308-8A4D-50E1BA324FA3.jpegRight side view


72F5439B-9A0D-4FD0-9526-AF0E294CCDB0.jpegBack view


9973BFEC-C997-436D-A691-1B442E0F66F3.jpegLeft side view


Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Crazy waves today. Hopefully I can get a calmer day with waves for the boys' birthday pictures on the 23rd.


Re: Ride the WAVE with me

More wavy days


The pictures aren't completely doing it justice. Sometimes I wish I could take a quick video to show the movement better.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@ShortErica Looking good! Are you growing it out? It seems longer to me, but I was too lazy to go back through the thread to compare Smiley Tongue

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Yep @tastelikewater. I basically grow it until I can cut it (and still have shoulder length hair) and donate. That's been my cycle. I cut it right in October I think, a bit after the boys' birthday.



I think when my hair is shoulder and shorter, it doesn't curl as nicely as when it gets a little longer. But when it gets really long then it also is more weighed down. I'm still trying to figure it all out.


How's your hair and life going?

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

!!!!!!! I can't believe your hair grows that long! How amazing! I swear mine wants to stop growing once it passes my collarbone.


I've missed the BIC, but between Chicago summer heat/humidity and travelling with my family, I haven't worn makeup for the past month. I think my skin is thankful for the break! But next week it's back to work, which means wearing makeup again and being more active on the site. How's your summer going?

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@tastelikewater Summer is hot but it's been good. We did a road trip up to Ohio with the boys visiting family on the way up and down and also stopping at Dollywood. It was nice but it was good to be home and get to a routine again.


I have been masking in the morning and some days decide, eh, just do the rest of your skincare and skip the makeup. Not that I'm a heavy makeup user but I like to even out some of the redness I can get.


Are you ready to go back? School started here this week.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

I had 2 wonderful curly days and forgot to take pictures. Now for my refresh, I have some wild waves20190802_112443.jpg


Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Very pretty @ShortErica.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Thanks @Loretta55. It'll do for a refresh day for sure. Smiley Happy

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

I figure I should share a more recent picture. Okay hair day. It has definitely grown. I really need to get a trim and style..come on motivation and time. I conditioned and applied DEVACURL - B'LEAVE-IN™ Miracle Curl Plumper20190722_123848.jpg

Some curls are hidden underneath. My hair is such combination of a little wavy and then some curls.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

I have been growing my hair longer so I could wear it in a ponytail during the heat wave that we are experiencing in the NE. (Go away Barry) I just got my color touch up so I am posting a photo.5EED3F67-5CEF-4CD8-913F-9AB900D6AB5F.jpeg






Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Just gorgeous @Loretta55 ! I LOVE it!

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Thank you very much for the compliment @jozkid! Long time no see. Hope that you and your family are well. Is New England experiencing the remnants of Hurricane Barry?

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Looks very nice @Loretta55. Any change in products or have you used the same things as your hair has grown?

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

I still follow the same routine @ShortErica . I use DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder to untangle my hair as the first step. I will then use DevaCurl No Poo followed by DevaCurl One Condition. I always leave some One Condition in my hair. For my styling products first I will massage DevaCurl Frizz Free Volumizing Foam on my roots, then I scrunch in Wave Maker followed by DevaCurl Ultra Styling Gel. 

I have always been lucky that my hair and nails grow at a good rate.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@Loretta55 Your hair is incredible! How wet is your hair when you apply products? I've been playing around with that recently, and so far I've learned that my hair has to be more than just damp or else it looks stringy with little clumping. 

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

I apply all products after I blot my hair dry with a paper towel @tastelikewater. I have so much hair that my stylist recommended that I blot it dry before I apply products.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@Loretta55  Your hair is beautiful! Great colour and it looks super-healthy 👍😊

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Thank you very much @PinkEvergreen . This was my natural color before the ugly greys appeared. I try not to blow dry my hair or apply minimal heat to keep my hair healthy.

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