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I often use a styling foam in my hair because it’s curly but a bit thin, but I hate that it makes it look and feel stiff. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not using it right or the product itself isn’t the best. Any of you guys know any good styling foams that could be better? 🌺

Re: Recommendation

Geez I hope I don't get in trouble for recommending a product not sold at Sephora but I recently switched from DevaCurl to L.U.S. and I am very happy.  The shampoo and conditioner are sulfate free which is fine but what is really awesome is the leave in.  No stiffness, great curls that last for days.  You do need to visit their website as the way you use it is a little different.  


RE: Re: Recommendation

I like it too!

Re: Recommendation

Hi, @Isabel313!  I have fine curly hair.  My two favorite products are DEVACURL - B'LEAVE-IN™ Miracle Curl Plumper and BUMBLE AND BUMBLE - Surf Styling Leave In  I've never had luck using foams/mousses.  If you live near a Sephora or SiJCP, see if they have either or both of these products and ask for samples.



RE: Re: Recommendation

Thank you!! Will do Smiley Happy
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