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Let's Talk Curls!

June Curl BT.jpg

Let's talk curls! Curly hair is bold, natural, beautiful, and it’s our mission to celebrate your unique curls. Curly hair is also complicated and we get it. We’re here to guide you in your journey to loving and embracing your curls.


For the last 20 years, our products have been born from the salon, through the conversations we were having with our curly clients. Our product lineup is designed to make all hair textures—wavy, curly and super curly—feel healthy and look gorgeous. The easiest thing you can do to get gorgeous waves and curls is to ditch your shampoo. Without the harsh chemicals found in most traditional formulas, your hair is transformed. Say bye to dryness and frizz! All that's left are beautiful curls that can rock any style.


No matter where you are on your curl journey, we have your perfect routine. Are you wavy, curly or super curly? What products work best for you? Not sure? No worries - we're here to help. We’ll be checking this thread frequently, so go ahead, ask us anything. We’d also love to hear your success stories! Do you have your curl routine locked down? Share your tips, tricks and favorite products to help inspire your fellow curly girls.

RE: Let's Talk Curls!

My hair is definitely curly and I've been having a really tough time trying to get both volume and no frizz curls. What combination of products would I use to try to get this outcome?

Re: RE: Let's Talk Curls!

I love LOVE your hair! Lucky you!

Grace1919 wrote:
My hair is definitely curly and I've been having a really tough time trying to get both volume and no frizz curls. What combination of products would I use to try to get this outcome?


RE: Let's Talk Curls!

Have you heard of LUSH? I have had same issues over the years with my hair it is curly and it gets frizzy (TEXAS HEAT) but now I don't have that problem, I use BIG shampoo, AMERICAN CREAM conditioner, and HAIR CUSTARD as my leave in and I get volume with no frizz

Re: RE: Let's Talk Curls!

 I get curls similar to that by:

1. Shampoo only once a week

2. Conditioner every day and if my hair feels dry I don't rinse it all out

3. Dippity  doo (yep the cheapest gel product I can find) I have a lot of hair and every other product just takes too much to be economical. For special occasions I will add some joico mousse. 

4. Blow dry with a diffuser


The trick is that all curls are different. This doesn't work the same for my sister who has very similar looking curly hair. 

Re: RE: Let's Talk Curls!

@Grace1919 #hairgoals 

I absolutely envy your curls!

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

Hi @devacurl!  I am hoping you can recommend some products for me. I like to let my hair air dry and I have long, natural wavy/kinky hair. It's fine and I have a lot of it. Sometimes I pull it back and have a lot of frizz all around the hair line which I hate. Looking for at least a new shampoo/cleanser and something to control that frizz when it's pulled back. I would very much like for my hair to have more of a beach hair look similar to the second model. Thanks!

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@devacurl Hey there! Haven't seen this thread active since the big transition so hope you're still out there. 


First, I'm really excited about the two new hair masks you guys came out with and looking forward to trying one (or both) of them out. 


Second, I have a question about the order of products, specifically B'Leave-in. After cleansing and conditioning would you do the B'Leave-in before or after a styler?  Or doesn't it much matter? Also, I know you can cocktail a lot of the products, but do you find it's better to layer or cocktail? Does one method give better results?  I will admit I'm a little lazy so it would save time to mix a styler with my gel. Smiley Happy

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

hi @devacurl i just started using your low-poo delight and one condition delight for wavy hair. but im not sure if its conditioning enough for hair gets tangled really easily and its a little damaged. i feel like the one condition delight doesnt detangle or condition my hair enough. its thick, wavy, and very long. what do you suggest? thanks!

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@xxsourIt sounds to me like you need more conditioning, either from Heaven In Hair 2x per week as a supplement, or actually stepping your go-tos up to Original Low-Poo and One Condition. Either path will work. You may like SuperCream for your styler based on the texture you are describing. Always apply our stylers in soaking wet hair in the shower.

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

I have slightly wavy hair and love all the curls on this page!

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@niki172wonderful! I think you would like Delight Low-Poo and One Condition. For stylers: Frizz Free Volumizing Foam OR Wave Maker. Apply your stylers in wet hair.

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

Same here @niki172! Loving the curls! Smiley Happy

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@bem564see our advice to Niki. I think it would work for you too! xoxox


Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@devacurl I love Lorraine Massey's book, Curly Girl!  Thanks for publishing!  I need to get another copy, b/c I gave mine to my sister!

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@greeneyedgirl107that's great, thanks for your support and enthusiasm!


Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@devacurl It's a pleasure!  I use DevaCurl's "One Condition" often.  Very nice!

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

I would love some advice on how to style my curls again! I have used Deva in the past but strayed. =( Now, there are a lot more product choices to choose from! My hair type is a mix of 3a-3b, coarse, and tends to frizz.... A LOT. It is long, down to bra strap I would say. Around my face always has the tightest spirals. I'm pretty sure at one time, it might have been all 3b but I straight iron it so much now I think I lost some of my natural curl pattern (can that happen?). Recently, I've been wanting to go back to my natural curls. Straightening it makes it easier to deal with during the work week, as I can wash it less and don't need to style it every day. I would still like to straighten it some days, but would absolutely wear it natural more often if my curls would cooperate and last. 


I used Deva low-poo and one condition for the longest time. No other reason for the low poo vs no poo other than I felt like I "needed" some sudsing to feel as though it were cleaning. I tried no poo at a friends in the past but felt like my hair was heavy after? It was a while ago. I have been using pureology since I color my hair so often, and wear it straight more than curly. So, I figured I didn't need a curl shampoo/cond. Can you suggest the best process for returning to Deva cleansing and conditioning? Decadence vs original formula? Good for straight and curly days without stripping the color? I noticed you no longer make the DevaCare line.


Can you please recommend a styling regimen to help revamp my natural curls, but also keep them frizz free? I would love a weightless defining product that is crunch-free and can last more than a day. I've had products in the past that give me good results on day one, but as soon as I go to sleep (I put my hair on top of head at night), I wake up to lifeless stretched out curls and frizz! If I try to rewet it, I only make it frizzier. I really don't have time to diffuse in the mornings. I am more of a curl and go kind of gal! 


So sorry for the mini book! I have been craving my natural curls for awhile so when I stumbled upon this thread (while searching for new curl products), I was thrilled! I truly hope you can help me! 

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

Hi @PrePA514, given the description of your hair type it certainly sounds like you would benefit most from the Original line of products and I would suggest No-Poo and One Condition Original, but if you really need to feel that suddsy feeling them Low-Poo is an option but it does come at the price of a lower hydration, which it sounds like your hair may need.


To answer you concern about color stripping, ALL Deva products are now color safe, which is why the DevaCare line was phased out Smiley Happy


As far as styling products, all Deva styling products will assist with frizz but a lot of which styling product you choose to use is down to what style you wish to achieve. A really 'classic' combination of products for your hair type would be Styling Cream and Ultra Defining Gel. The Styling Cream will assist in keeping your hair moisturized and frizz free and the Ultra Defining Gel will give you lasting hold and definition. 


Your other concern of 2nd day styling can be assisted with our product Mist-er Right. This is a revitalizing product which can revive your hair and the styling products used on days prior.


I do hope this helps Smiley Happy 

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

It does help! Thank you!! Quick question, you mention a styling cream (and I love creams!). Are you referring to the supercream or the touchable styling cream? Thank you! 

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@PrePA514Yes, Styling Cream rather than SuperCream for your hair type would be the right amount of moisture. SuperCream  may be too too moisturizing for you. You can, of course, always experiment, but Styling Cream is a good place to start.

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