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Let's Talk Curls!

Let's talk curls! Curly hair is bold, natural, beautiful, and it’s our mission to celebrate your unique curls. Curly hair is also complicated and we get it. We’re here to guide you in your journey to loving and embracing your curls.


For the last 20 years, our products have been born from the salon, through the conversations we were having with our curly clients. Our product lineup is designed to make all hair textures—wavy, curly and super curly—feel healthy and look gorgeous. The easiest thing you can do to get gorgeous waves and curls is to ditch your shampoo. Without the harsh chemicals found in most traditional formulas, your hair is transformed. Say bye to dryness and frizz! All that's left are beautiful curls that can rock any style.


No matter where you are on your curl journey, we have your perfect routine. Are you wavy, curly or super curly? What products work best for you? Not sure? No worries - we're here to help. We’ll be checking this thread frequently, so go ahead, ask us anything. We’d also love to hear your success stories! Do you have your curl routine locked down? Share your tips, tricks and favorite products to help inspire your fellow curly girls.

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

We're so excited to meet you all and help you on your #PathToHappyCurls! Tell us your stories. We've got tips!

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

I really love your brand. I use the Low-Poo and the One Condition for Wavy Hair, plus the styling cream and occasionally other products here and there. I'm really looking forward to trying the new Wave cream once I finish what I have.

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@makeitup305 that is so awesome! So nice of you to be one of our first commenters! I think you'll love the Wave Maker. It's the only Deva styler you can apply in damp hair (as opposed to wet). If you want to follow with Ultra Defining Gel for extra hold, be sure to apply in soaking wet hair in the shower :-)

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@devacurl I have thick, long wavy hair. What is the best way for me to use OneCondition? Should I rinse out only 80% like you suggested to jemly? I have the Set it Free and Mist-er right as well. How should I incorporate those so that my waves look refreshed? By the way, I have enjoyed the Buildup Buster and so has my boyfriend (he steals all my good stuff). It leaves my hair so clean!

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@devacurl i adore you guys. i'm a serious serious fan girl and devotee. i kept my hair cropped and short for a decade, before i decided i wanted to grow it out and wear it wild. when i discovered your products and methods, it was a game changer.


my current devacurl routine consists of:

  1. No-poo
  2. One Condition (rinse out)
  3. One Condition (leave a little bit in without rinsing)
  4. Supercream raked through (i notice my hair stays hydrated-looking for longer if i use this)
  5. B'leave-in. maybe my favorite devacurl product. but i admit--i'm not entirely sure what it does or what it is ! but i know when i use it, my hair looks hydrated, and has a glorious bounce. i never want to be without it !
  6. if i'm diffusing i'll add a bit of ultra defining gel (so much definition, no crusty hardening !). if i'm air drying i often skip this.

i have a travel-size bottle of the set it free mist that i use throughout the week (though i want to try the mist-er right, as well). and i currently have a heaven in hair deep conditioning treatment in the mail to me, as well !


i love being a part of this curly hair zeitgeist / resurgence. and i feel like devacurl is really leading the way.

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@jemly    soooooo nice of you to say, and thanks for being one of our first commenters. I think you and @makeitup305 exactly tied for first (photo finish) :-) I love your routine. We have been hearing a lot of people use SuperCream followed by B'Leave-In and loving it. With B'Leave-In, what I find amazing is that I can actually 'hear' my hair bouncing as I walk along. And I have short hair! For the OC rinse out, you could always save on product and indirectly drizzle to rinse out 80%, leaving 20% in. By getting the OC on your head super-saturated, it really activates the product so you can use a bit less. You are so nice to write what you wrote. It really touches us to hear your story and your kind words!

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@devacurl i took a selfie the first time i used the b'leave-in because i was so pleased. (i also feel like i need to say....i swear i was not driving as this photo was taken.)



the brilliance of your products is that i find they give me enough moisture that i have the freedom to do things with my hair i never had before. like run my fingers through it and 'loosen' the curl if i want a bit more of a grungy boy look. just wonderful. i shout devacurl from the rooftops whenever i have a chance. plenty here that can attest to that !


shout out to @jozkid who, years ago, showed us a devacut she got. that was the first time i'd heard about the brand, and it was the day i decided to grow out my hair for real. 


thanks everyone for tolerating me properly geeking out.

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@jemlyoh my gosh, your curls are so gorgeous!! thanks so much for sharing a pic. We love pics :-) I love that curl right at the front. So good.

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

Do you mean this one @jemly?


Re: Let's Talk Curls!

So I have interesting hair texture to say the least. I have true ringlets on the bottom of my hair and then it slowly gets wavier until it is almost straight on top. Do you have any recs for what products to use when I'm not taking a curling iron or a straightener to it?


i want to let my hair run freeeee, but still look good

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@sierrafallon  Yes, totally let it run freeeeeee. Yes. You would be surprised at how many curly people have your curl combo. Oftentimes, people have curlier curls underneath with the outer canopy being a bit straighter, particularly at the crown. The reason for this is your under layers are more protected from the elements, such as the full pressure of the shower, or the too-too-hot water. A suggestion is to indirectly drizzle cooler water on your curls so as to not disturb the curl pattern. In terms of products, since you are curly, I would recommend Original No-Poo and One Condition. And for stylers either SuperCream or Styling Cream followed by one of our gels. All products go into soaking wet hair in the shower. Scrunch in the products, then scrunch with a DevaTowel for a frizz-free wash-n-go. You will find your wavy parts will get curlier as your hair begins to get hydrated. 


Re: Let's Talk Curls!

Thanks for chatting with us!


I have naturally thick, wavy hair that gets frizzy easily and needs plenty of moisture. I very rarely use heat on it.


Normally my routine consists of:

  • Shampoo & deep condition (most regular conditioners aren't moisturizing enough for my hair)
  • Towel dry a bit & add a leave-in
  • Air dry (it takes about 6 hours for fully dry hair)

I've been meaning to try some Devacurl products but have no idea where to start! Any suggestions?


Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@malday   wonderful! your waves sound sumptuous. Based on what you are describing, I would recommend a unique combo. Delight Low-Poo and One Condition for weightless moisture, but supplement the OC 2x per week with Heaven In Hair to deep condition. Instead of our wavy styler, Wave Maker, I am going to recommend SuperCream as your hair seems like it can stand up to the ultra moisture and emerge gorgeous. If you want added hold, follow with Ultra Defining Gel. Note: both stylers should be applied in very wet hair. Once you're out of the shower, then you can scrunch with your DevaTowel and never have to worry about using heat again.


Re: Let's Talk Curls!

I'm having a major moment right now.  Squee!!  I became a DevaConvert a few years ago and it seriously changed my life (hyperbole?  I think not!).  I have strayed in the past but I always find my way back to DevaCurl products.  Right now my routine is:


Shampoo with Low Poo 1-2x a week

Condition with One Condition 3-4x a week, adding a little to my hair after rinsing.

Comb through with a wide-tooth comb and add a curl cream (I don't have one I consistently use).

Rake through sections with the Ultra Definig Gel (my fave to keep the curl strong on days I don't wet my hair).

Flip my head over and scrunch with the DevaTowel. (this was a trick I learned when I received a DevaCut and it really helps give my curls volume at the roots)

If I have time, I clip the roots up and let them air dry for more volume.  

Once my hair fully dries, I scrunch again to break the gel cast and get soft, fluffy curls.  


The one area I have a hard time with is my second day hair.  I find my curls start to get loose and become frizzier.  Do you have any suggestions for ways to stretch out the time between washes?  Here is a recent photo that will hopefully give you an idea of how my hair behaves.  Thanks for creating this thread and helping us curlytops out (and for creating such an extensive and easy to use line!)!

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@michelleshopsI love your phrase #DevaConvert. We totally have to use that in our social. We will credit you! Your routine sounds totally dialed in, and it shows in your great curls! For second day hair, firstly I will say that it's easier for some than others. For me, I like to redo it everyday for that freshly styled look. But perhaps on a Saturday, I might try to go with second day and basically wet my hands, and wet my hair a bit (not too much, just enough to get the styling product reactivated) then scrunch. If I need more, then more water, and a bit more styler emulsified in my palms with, yes, more water, glazed on and scrunched in. Another way to go is spray a combo of Set It Free and CurlMaker (formerly Spray Gel) into your palms, emulsify with water, glaze and scrunch. Hope this helps!

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

Hi!!!!  A few years ago I bought all the products and even the drying gloves.  HA!  Got a Deva Curly cut.


But, the products always felt heavy and greasy even though I was super light-handed.


Even at the Deva cut appointment, the products felt heavy/greasy. 


What did I do wrong???????  



I still have a lot of new Deva in my closet so giving Deva another try is no problem.

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@wheeeee   It sounds like the products you were using were a little too moisturizing for your curl type. I would suggest swapping out your No-Poo with one of our Low-Poo's which provides mild lather derived from a coconut surfactant. It's still moisturizing, but not as much. For stylers, you could do Styling Cream or even Wave Maker followed by one of our gels. If you want to add a pic, and tell me what you were using, I can get more specific in my recommendations for you.

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

My hair doppelgänger!


Wavy, S-shaped, thick, coarse, normal.  

I am looking to make it light, fluffy and quenched looking.  Volume!


My biggest problem is not frizz or even dryness.


 It is actually mats! Because it is very long and just get matted so easily. I have a standard poodle in show coat and even she is much easier to keep mat-free! 

I have actually tried her products on my own hair! hahah! #desperate!


I am always separating strands with my fingers to prevent this.  If Deva has something for this.....let me KNOW!!! 



Overall, I love a moisture leave-in cream while wet to drying stage.  I air dry my hair in 2 braids and usually overnight since it takes a whole day to dry.  It is too much hair for any 'real styling.' 


Then in the morning I lightly spritz with water and then apply mousse for fluffiness, I generally like a little gel for definition and shine.....and since my ends are always unruly (I cut 1x a year now) a little oil/silicone product at the ends.  I actually do this while still in the braids so I don't over-apply. Works well.  


If I am going out in our humid weather I spray an Anti-Frizz/Humidity spray. (Oribe)  This works! 


Other than to separate those mats I try not to touch my hair.  Looks good for 3 days and then it is time to do it all over again.




Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@wheeeee   oh wow, you are a classic wavy and as such you should use Delight Low-Poo and One Condition c followed by Wave Maker and Ultra Defining Gel.

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

Thank you.  Will try some Deva, again!!!!

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

Ah DevaCurl, thanks for stopping by to chat!


I've used several Deva products in the past, most notably the original No Poo and One Condition.


Recently I picked up the new Buildup Buster (which has been helpful in the last few weeks) and the Heaven in Hair.  Are there any new products that we can expect in the coming months?

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@ElleElleG   All I can say right now is YES! :-) Stay close to your Sephora for more. Wink-wink. I am happy you are loving what you are using. Have you considered adding Deva stylers to your routine? Our line is most effective when used exclusively. You might like one of our creamy stylers followed by a gel, or a Frizz Free Volumizing Foam or B'Leave-In if you want a different look.

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

Ohhhhhh, tell us more 😬


I tried the Foam a few years ago with the Ultra Defining Gel but I do not think they were heavy- or moisturizing- enough for my hair.  I have a combination of waves and tighter curls so heavier products give me a little more uniformity.

Re: Let's Talk Curls!

@ElleElleG    okay, it sounds like Supercream + B'Leave-In would be a combo your curls would love

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