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Post in Curly Hair

How to tame the frizz!!!

Any suggestions or product recommendations on how to tame frizz? I have been straightening my hair for years and have recently discovered I have beautiful natural curls, so it's a whole new territory for me! Thanks.

RE: How to tame the frizz!!!

I love my spray bottle with a little curl product mixed in...spray...scrunch upside down...hit it with my diffuser and viola' magic! No frizz!

RE: Re: How to tame the frizz!!!

First, make sure you're using a good conditioner and your doing a deep treatment at least once a week. I recommend either Heaven in Hair or Deep Sea Repair, both by Deva Curl. When you add your products, make sure your hair is damp. If you see frizz already forming before adding products, then your hair will have frizz once it's dry. I like to start with a leave in conditioner. My favorite is B'leave-In by Deva Curl. Itadds shine and also plumps your curls. I like to use creams and gels. If you use both like I do, start with your creams and finish with a gel. SuperCream is the best cream I've ever used. As for gels, I like Arc Angel by, you guessed it, Deva Curl lol. Diffuse your hair on low heat. I hope this helps but don't be afraid of a little frizz. It helps with volume and big beautiful curls are sooo in right now!!! Here's a picture of what my curls look like...


Re: How to tame the frizz!!!

Hi @AshleyLinden,

Frizzy hair is just dry hair, so look for something to keep your curls moisturized and healthy. I like applying a hair oil on damp hair to keep my curls soft and frizz-free. I really like the OUAI - Rose Hair & Body Oil.


Stay Gorgeous,


RE: How to tame the frizz!!!

Recommendations for minimizing heat damage include using heat styling tools set on low,using a diffuser when blow drying,and never using a curling iron or flat iron on wet hair. Direct heat can boil the water in the hair, causing bubbles to form inside the hair fiber, weakening the hair.Some authors recommend avoiding heat altogether, and allowing the hair to air-dry. Make sure that the hair is very well hydrated and cut any split ends if u have any. Hope it helps
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