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Post in Curly Hair

Does anyone else feel disappointed with the VERB Curl Cream?

I’m a big fan of the Verb Hydrating mask so I thought why not try this product. I have ISSUES with my curls cause they don’t know if they want to be curly or wavy. I’ve used this product a few times already and yes it defines my curl but my hair is still frizzy. And the texture it left my hair was iffy. I can feel the product in it if I touch it. I get a better natural curl from the hydration mask. I’ll keep using it for days that I don’t want to iron my hair and stay home, but not sure if I really like it. Gonna give it a chance and hope for the best.

Does anyone else feel disappointed with the VERB Curl Cream?

@NessaMGarcia Sorry it hasn't worked for you. What have you used that did work? Verb CC replaced all my stylers (used DevaCurl for a decade), and now I cant find anything that compares to Verb! If your hair isn't getting enough moisture before layering with VCC's dimethicone, that could lead to early frizz. It's also possible that your hair just doesn't like dimethicone.
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