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Post in Curly Hair

Deva curl

What deva curl product is best for very short wavy medium thick hair? No poo or low poo. I wash my hair 3-4 times a week with shampoo and conditioner and on other days I use a cowash. I appreciate any feedback.

Re: Deva curl

I love the Decadence Condition and Leave-In Conditioner, but I do not like the no-poo because it didn't clean my hair the way I like it.  I find that these conditioners do not leave buildup, and it works well with other none Deva Curl products.  They have a great smell and leaves my hair soft. 


Also, your hair must be super moisturized to wash so many times a week.  I need to ask what you are using!  My hair is past bra strap length, and I want products to provide all week moisture.

Re: Deva curl

Hi, I have short wavy hair. I got the product line for wavy hair.

Re: Deva curl

@Loretta55 maybe you could help? You have thicker hair, correct?

Re: Deva curl

Thank you for paging me @ShortErica . Yes my hair is thick and wavy/swavy. I personally prefer using No Poo and One Condition. I only wash my hair once a week and my biggest concern between washes is frizz. Hope this helps @Skgreen.

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