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Post in Curly Hair

Best way to detangle curls?

I have really thick, knotty hair. It is really hard to get through it. I usually end up working on it for 30-60 minutes and when I'm done I've lost a ton of hair. Any suggestions?

RE: Best way to detangle curls?

Tonssss of conditioner girlie! Wet hair in the shower, lots of conditioner, and finger comb through the tangles.

RE: Best way to detangle curls?

Definitely try detangling your hair while it’s wet and has conditioner in it. Let your conditioner sit for about 5 minutes - I usually shave my legs while my conditioner does it’s magic. Use a wide tooth comb or fingers to detangle you hair. It will help minimize how my hair you lose. Once out of the shower, use a good leave-in conditioner and run your wide tooth comb through again before adding your products. Hope this helps!! XO

RE: Best way to detangle curls?

Detangle only when fully wet and saturated with conditioner...for me...that is in the shower. No combing or brushing until the next wash...5-6 days for meSmiley Happy

Re: Best way to detangle curls?

I think sectioning your hair and working your way through it with a detangler instead of a regular brush would work.

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