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SOS for Bleached Curly Hair

Hello beauties! I'm new to the group so I'm not sure if this question has been asked. So, like many of you dealing with the madness that is covid and being confined to your homes, I was tempted to experiment with my hair. I bleached my hair and it is now platinum blonde (which in itself is a miracle because I dyed my hair blue/black for years). Between bleach processes, I would use oils and treatments to bring my curls back to life. But after the last process, my curls have lost their definition. Thankfully there is no breakage or what I call, "damage beyond repair," but my curls definitely need to be resuscitated. 


Does anyone have any recommendations for products, such as deep penetrating moisturizing masques (no sulphates or silicones please), and tips and tricks on how I can get my curls back to being defined and voluminous? For reference, my natural curls vary from 3a-3b, but now they're 2b-2c. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Re: SOS for Bleached Curly Hair

Hey! So I have super bleached hair and since dying it so much my natural curls have mostly turned to frizz. Have you tried the Aunt Jackie's Quench leave in conditioner?! It's amazinggg it made my hair SO SOFT and gave it MOVEMENT 😩 It dramatically reduced my frizz when I let my hair dry naturally. And I actually saw a lot of my natural curl pattern come back out. It's super cheap and affordable I got it from Target I highly recommend 👌 


Re: SOS for Bleached Curly Hair

I've never tried it but it sounds absolutely AMAZING! That's exactly what I need. As long as it doesn't have any dimethicone in it, I'm all for it! Congratulations on your curly hair journey ❤️

Re: SOS for Bleached Curly Hair

Olaplex is a brand for helping to restore healthy hair after it’s been damaged by heat, bleach, etc. it can even bring back your natural curl pattern (which is one of the things it is best known for) i would recommend using one of their hair treatments like the olaplex number 3 or another treatment to help bring back the curls you had pre-bleach damage. 

Re: SOS for Bleached Curly Hair

Thank you so much! I started using Olaplex No. 1 and No. 3. I have definitely seen less breakage since I started using it. Thank you so much for your recommendation!

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