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Ride the WAVE with me

Hey all,


My hair was a beautiful 3B my teen and college years. After issues with hormones and kids I have only wave left. It is frustrating not knowing how to style your hair anymore. My hair is now 2B, 2C would be an excellent day.


I plan to have a no-buy for makeup for one year (started Nov 2018) and focus on finding the right hair products. I want to take the process gradually and give things time.


I started using Devacurl in Spring 2018. I had low-poo, one condition, and arc angel gel. My hair looked and felt like straw and was not getting any curl back so I stopped using all three products.


In October I chopped off a lot of hair for donation and hoped to get some bounce back. The stylist (Deva certified) recommended no-poo, one condition, coconut styling cream, and b-leave in gel. The routine was okay but I wanted more out of my hair.


Over the past week I changed my styling product to arc angel gel. I know, I know, the stylist and others have already said it was too heavy for my hair. I just wanted to experiment and find what product caused my hair to turn to straw in the spring. Arc angel seems to be in the clear. But since it isn't helping with any curl, I will pass it on to my 3C/4A mom.


I plan to resume the last routine and see how it goes or if it still seems lackluster. My one condition is almost out but I have a one condition delight. I want to see how my hair reacts to this.


I also have samples of Decadence. I believe it will likely be too heavy but it is time to find what works and what doesn't.


So here begins my hair journey. Hoping to either learn to ride the waves or return to curl.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@tastelikewater your stylist seems like a winner. When I had my hair glory days, I used a variety of products and didn't have any problems. I think it's frustrating when people insist only one brand of products is any good. As I'm sure you can guess, I'm not sold on Deva but I want to try some of their other styling products to determine if something will become a hair gold standard. If you get any product suggestions, I'd be curious to hear about them.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@tastelikewater I heard about the not buying shampoo and conditioner from drugstores or places like Target a couple years ago.  I only buy my hair stuff from Sephora, Ulta, Neimans, Saks or Beautylish. 

RE: Re: Ride the WAVE with me

I posted in that other thread - don't even remember which one anymore - about our hair struggles, so I'll be following this one closely 🙂


I'm seeing my stylist today who's taught me so much about curly hair, and I'm curious what she'll have to say about my Deva regimen. I suspect the high glycerin content in the shampoo and conditioner is drying me out, which is frustrating because I actually like how my hair feels right when I get out of the shower. Even when I don't touch it, the curl definition doesn't last, much like you described.


I used to post over in the Naturally Curly forum, but there's way too much information and it makes my head spin! The pineapple, the ice queen, the supersoaker, protein vs. no protein...I can't. Maybe it's a pipe dream, but I'm really hoping to find a simple regimen of shampoo, conditioner, and 2 styling products. Fingers crossed for us both! 

A "good" day: Delight s&c, WaveMaker, Amika gel.A "good" day: Delight s&c, WaveMaker, Amika gel.

RE: Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Preach sister! If you find that 4 step routine let us know!!!

Re: RE: Re: Ride the WAVE with me

I look forward to an update on what your stylist says @tastelikewater


By the way, I love when you share pictures. Your look is always so natural and flawless. Once I finish the no-buy I need to remember to ask you about lip products because I'm digging your shade selections.

Re: RE: Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@ShortErica You're too kind, thank you! I'm all about low-maintenance lipstick at this stage in my life. I just picked up a few to round out my collection, and now I'm instituting a makeup no-buy until I start hitting pan on the things I already own. Hair products are another story!

Re: Ride the WAVE with me


Very beautiful lady and I love your curl and color! Is that your natural color?

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Thanks @Jbird1999! Yep, that's my natural color. I have a combination of brunette and red with occasionally some remnants of blonde from my youth. I remember during college my friends would debate what color to classify my hair and created Facebook groups for their causes. Haha.


Hope you find some useful info on this thread. I know Olaplex was discussed and plenty of curly hair products that others have had success with. 🙂

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

This is my hair dry. When I apply product to soaking wet hair, I have large ringlets that are curls. *I need to remember to take a picture of this* It kills me that most don't stay like that. I may have a couple scattered but covered by other hair. My hair also gets a curl mane around my face when I work out. So I feel like my hair still has curl potential but I don't know what to do to keep it curly.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Your waves are so pretty @ShortErica & @tastelikewater. I do not see my favorite Devacurl product mentioned which is Wavemaker. First time I tried it I saw a huge difference in my hair whether or not I blow dried my hair with a difusser or air dried my hair. Also try not to touch your hair. If you are not happy with the way a section of curl may have turned out try spraying some of the Curlmaker (formally known as Spray Gel) then scrunch away for some curl revival.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@Loretta55 The Wavemaker and Volumizing Foam came in the mini-kit I bought from Deva's site. On its own it's not quite giving me the definition and frizz-fighting I need, so I'm cocktailing it with other products. The picture I posted is Wavemaker smoothed over my waves, then a scrunch of Amika gel. I'm hopeful that after I get my hair cut tonight, I'll be able to see how the products really perform, as I'm overdue for a shaping. 

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@Loretta55 Thank you. I try my darndest not to touch my hair and I always air dry. Would you happen to know the reason why my ends dry so much faster and seem to separate than the rest of the wave/curl? At the point when my ends aren't together I have been using John Frieda leave-in conditioner to spritz them lightly and make the hair cooperate which seems to work.


Yes, I will have to try the Wave Maker at some point. I think you recommended that to me in another post. I appreciate your comments!

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Sorry I thought that I answered your question @ShortErica. I never noticed that particular problem with my ends. The final area of my hair to dry is always at my scalp. Do you color your hair? You may need to use a deeper conditioner once in awhile. I like Devacurl Heaven in Hair and I also like Melt Into Moisture. I use them once a month.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

That's another frustration of mine. I've never colored my hair or used heat styling so it shouldn't be damaged. A few years ago a stylist told me my hair was healthy but who knows what condition it is in now. I tried a SheaMoisture deep conditioner but it had shea butter and was too heavy. Thanks for your suggestions. I used to do V05 hot oil treatments but don't even remember when and why I stopped. Thanks again for all your insight!

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

VO5 that brings back memories @ShortErica. My mom used that all of the time. 

I think you may have answered your own question. I remember after I had my son, I had problems with my hair’s curl pattern also. Back then I would perm my hair into a short afro. I saw a picture of that hair style in my salon’s wall and I knew it would be the perfect hair style for me. I would get a perm every 4 months but after my pregnancy my hair would not hold a curl. It took about 2.5 years after I stopped nursing for my hair to look decent again. I only got a perm one more time after my curl returned but I realized that I needed to change my hair style. My best hair style has always been some version of a shag.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Dang those kids! But I have to say they are worth it. Though maybe I'd consider trading one of the twins to get gorgeous curls back..just kidding! I'm trying to be patient and just work with what I have now. 😊

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

You have twins! I complained about only one very active son. When he realized how his feet worked he took off running. Unfortunately he developed a beer habit after college and my very fit son is now a bit overweight with a big belly. 

Give it time and your hair will look better. It appears long enough to wear in a ponytail @ShortErica 

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Oh wow @Loretta55! I'm sure time will fly though my boys are only 2. And yep, running everywhere. Haha. I work out so that's always one of my hair requirements - the ability to have a ponytail.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Time does fly by @ShortErica. Enjoy your boys. Before you know it they will be grown young men. I feel that one of the prettiest hair style any woman could wear is a ponytail. My hair was too short at that time to wear in a ponytail.

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