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Ride the WAVE with me

Hey all,


My hair was a beautiful 3B my teen and college years. After issues with hormones and kids I have only wave left. It is frustrating not knowing how to style your hair anymore. My hair is now 2B, 2C would be an excellent day.


I plan to have a no-buy for makeup for one year (started Nov 2018) and focus on finding the right hair products. I want to take the process gradually and give things time.


I started using Devacurl in Spring 2018. I had low-poo, one condition, and arc angel gel. My hair looked and felt like straw and was not getting any curl back so I stopped using all three products.


In October I chopped off a lot of hair for donation and hoped to get some bounce back. The stylist (Deva certified) recommended no-poo, one condition, coconut styling cream, and b-leave in gel. The routine was okay but I wanted more out of my hair.


Over the past week I changed my styling product to arc angel gel. I know, I know, the stylist and others have already said it was too heavy for my hair. I just wanted to experiment and find what product caused my hair to turn to straw in the spring. Arc angel seems to be in the clear. But since it isn't helping with any curl, I will pass it on to my 3C/4A mom.


I plan to resume the last routine and see how it goes or if it still seems lackluster. My one condition is almost out but I have a one condition delight. I want to see how my hair reacts to this.


I also have samples of Decadence. I believe it will likely be too heavy but it is time to find what works and what doesn't.


So here begins my hair journey. Hoping to either learn to ride the waves or return to curl.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@CarolBT Wow that is a lot.  You look gorgeous.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Yes, so much @SportyGirly125 ! I need to figure out where I can donate it. 

And thank you for such kind words 😍

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

I started to get frustrated with my hair because it was getting weighed down and I was having a hard time getting curl clumps to form. I finally was able to get my hair cut, color touch up and Olaplex 1&2 treatments and my hair looks alive again.



Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@Loretta55  Looks sooo good!! I just got the Olaplex 6 hoping it also helps with my damaged hair!!

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Hope the Olaplex helps @ather. Thank you very much!

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@Loretta55 Your curls looks so healthy and lively! Glad you're feeling better about them. 

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Thank you very much @tastelikewater.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

I always love seeing your post hair-cut pictures @Loretta55. Gorgeous as always!

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Thank you very much @ShortErica.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@Loretta55 - Your hair looks great!  The curls are beautiful!  I also love your shirt.  😉

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Thank you very much @Titian06. The shirt is actually a hairdresser’s top that I purchased many years ago when I thought about a cosmetology carrier. I never received my license. It was during that time I realized how bad my eyesight really was.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Testing the new Living Proof wavy sample set, and so far so good! I’ve been topping the Curl Definer with my usual Ouidad gel, still trying to find the sweet spot of how much product is too much. I diffused a bit just to see what would happen, which could account for some of those flyaways. This is it fully dry, tousled and the slightest touch of oil to scrunch out the crunch. I’m ok with the haphazardness of it!


 @ShortErica @Loretta55 @Titian06 @jozkid how has your hair behaved recently?




Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Your hair looks great @tastelikewater! I have a bunch of pictures I took but now I don't know if I can remember which products go with which picture. 😂 My hair has been the last priority lately. Sick kiddos - ugh! So I can't blame it completely if I'm not doing my part. I also really need to get a cut too. I gotta catch up on what you've posted so I can see what you've tried and what's working!

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Aw, so sorry about your kiddos! I hope everyone is on the mend. 

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Adding - I think you are out of your hair rut! What a difference from just a few weeks!

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Your hair looks gorgeous @tastelikewater. Thank you very much for the review of the new LP Wavy sample set.

 I have an appointment for haircut and color on Friday weather permitting. My hair has been behaving. I have been watching videos on YouTube styling wavy hair. I am always looking for ways to minimize frizz.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Looks beautiful, @tastelikewater! I'm glad the new line is working well.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@tastelikewater - Your hair looks awesome!  Thanks for your thoughts on the new LP products.  I'm interested in trying them.  I still haven't had my hair cut, though I'm getting closer.  Today I'm trying Seed Phytonutrients Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream.  It's really brought out the waves and curls, no frizz or flyaways, and my hair is so soft, not hard and crunchy.  I also got samples of the Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner, which I haven't tried yet.

Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Better results today! Showered last night, applied my products on soaking wet hair with my head flipped upside-down (smoothing and scrunching, no raking). No diffusing, because my hair is so fine that most any blow-drying causes surface frizz. So my hair wasn't fully dry when I went to bed, but it only required minimal wetting and reshaping this morning.


Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B shampoo and conditioner, Ouidad Curl Shaper Memory Maker 3-in-1 Revitalizing Milk (dislike the scent but I'm going to use it up anyway), Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel.



Re: Ride the WAVE with me

Hey curlies! Hope you're all doing well. Anyone else in a bit of a hair rut? Comparing my hair now to last year's pictures around this time, it looks like I'm lacking moisture and definition. The difference? Last year I was still using Deva 😞 

*edit* Wowie this lighting makes my hair look so silver! It's not quite that grey yet...I think...


Re: Ride the WAVE with me

@tastelikewater - Yes, I can identify!  I'm in a hair rut, too.  It's because the air is so dry.  My hair is so straight, I don't have waves, I have ripples!  I've been letting it grow for lack of anything better to do.  😁

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