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New - Lots of questions!

Hi! I'm new here and have some questions about my hair!


First, my hair has, like, every texture possible. I have straighter hair in my fringe area and at the nape of my neck, my top layer of hair is wavier, and the rest is loose curls. Huh???

I am recently starting my natural hair journey; up until now I have been wearing my hair in a tight bun everyday the last 4-5 years. I never really cared about my hair too much because I had no idea what to do with it. I have very coarse, thick, high porosity hair and I'm still figuring out how to take care of it properly so I'm looking for recommendations. I also recently cut my hair just above my shoulders and am looking for some styles for short hair when I can't wear it down.

Thank you guys so much!😊

Re: New - Lots of questions!

@FriendlyGal  i’ma gonna try to describe some basic styles i do and provide pictures as an example if i can😂. So first i like to part my hair horizontally (at like eyebrow level) across my head and do two space buns or ponytails; some times I switch the middle part up and instead of parting straight down the middle i’ll zig zag it or make it diagonal. Like the first picture: (none of these pictures are me, but they serve as a visual) 


Another one i do, for when I want to amp up my low ponytails, start the part off above the middle of one of my eyebrows and do a straight but diagonal line towards the center of my head. I cant find a picture that matches what it looks like well sorry😂

And then there’s the classic half up half down (second picture) and maybe leave some hair out on the sides if you want or have two small braids on the side   


2 low pony tails or buns (third picture) and again play around with the parts; you could do a regular straight part, zigzag , diagonal, or side.  


 Also, whenever i’m looking for new style’s Pinterest is the main place i go (thats also where i got these reference pics lol) 

Re: New - Lots of questions!

I don't know about anyone else but having different types of curls is completely the norm for me. I overall have 3c curls, but the curls around the nape of my neck and my forehead are more like 4a, then on the crown of my head I have some that are looser and more like 3b type curls. My hair is really thick per square inch on the scalp, but super fine and soft, think wildly frizzy and flyaway. My hair is not very oily. The joys of being mixed Latina/German. 

What my hair is willing to do on a given day really depends on the humidity, wind and other mystical factors I have yet to figure out after 45 years of living with this mop. What I can tell you is that curls are a finicky beast, no one thing works for everyone the same. For me I only use shampoo on my scalp, never my ends, conversely I never put conditioner on my scalp only on the part that would be "up" in a ponytail. I only wash my hair twice a week and with cool water. I tried co-wash, wasn't for me.

I use a leave-in repair cream since my ends are prone to breakage and a curl cream. I have used hair gel too, it's more "crunchy" but it can withstand a windy day better than curl cream. My sister-in-law loves a mousse for her curls, I have never had success with that, my curls just get frizzy. My sister has 3b curls and she also uses a curl cream, gel makes her hair limp. 

As for how I style them, air dry has been my method for ages. I leave them soaking wet and let them dry as I get ready in the morning. Diffusers have never worked for me, they have left my hair frizzy, until recently... I bought the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer and miracle of miracles I can finally diffuse my curls! 

My hair is just below my shoulder blades when flat-ironed, when left curly it comes to right above my shoulders. So I leave it loose and free when in curls. I might pull a few curls around my forehead back with a mini claw clip if they are being rebellious and falling into my eyes but otherwise they are bouncy, wild and free. 

Your curls may be a completely different beast, but maybe something will help. Also, curls have a memory...if you have been pulling them back tight for years it will take them awhile to remember how to be curls. Give them some time to come back to their natural curl pattern and you might find they are curlier than you think. Good luck!

Re: New - Lots of questions!

@lamariquita, thanks a lot! This was very helpful. You said you use a gel but your sister-in-law uses a mousse, I have used both in my routine, do you think I should choose one or is both fine? Also, would you recommend an air-dry cream when air drying, or do I not need anything specific?

Re: New - Lots of questions!

@FriendlyGal try using both on their own and see if you like the results more for either or when you combine them. I’ve never tried any air drying creams before but if you have trouble with frizz or are looking to experiment, give it a shot!

Re: New - Lots of questions!

@FriendlyGal Welcome to BIC!  I hope you get some recommendations soon. 

Re: New - Lots of questions!

Thank you so much!😊

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