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Finally gonna embrace the curl

Hello lovelies!

My name is Olivia and for as long as I can remember doing my hair I have always tried to hide my curl from everyone. I have finally decided to stop using heat on my hair and just let it go natural. with that being said my hair does tend to become really frizzy after washing it and I was wondering if there were any products that any of you could recommend to me that would help with the frizz and texture of my hair?

thanks so much!!



Re: Finally gonna embrace the curl

Hi, @oliviawort25!  I know I'm a little late to the party here!  I ordered DevaCurl products yesterday for the first time because of the previous repliers.  The DevaCurl product page has several try-it size kits.  I think one of them may work for @jemly's recommendations.  I ordered one of the kits plus supplemented it with the B'leave In since none of the kits contained it.


But to re-iterate what @jemly said, you will want to hydrate--a lot!  When my hair went from straight to wavy/curly, it became extremely dry along with my scalp, which also became itchy.


To help with the frizz, I put a couple of drops of oil (right now I'm using marula because that's what I have a sample of) in my hands, lightly rub together, and in towel-dried hair, bend over at the waist, wipe/swipe through hair with hands in a prayer position hair in between; scrunch if your hair is thick or short.  This has helped control my frizz by 90%.

Anonymous Insider

I know this is frowned upon but I water down my condition...

I know this is frowned upon but I water down my conditioner slightly and brush through my hair with a paddle brush. I leave the conditioner in and just fluff my curls with my hands while it dries throughout the day. even on humid days, my curls stay together.

Re: Finally gonna embrace the curl

@oliviawort25 yay i love to hear about people learning to love their curls ! and now is a perfect time--there are so many great brands and products out there for curly hair these days !!


my personal favorite is devacurl. they're sulfate and silicone free products which really help with frizz both short term and long term. there are so so many products and the process of figuring out can be daunting, so start small ! think: hydration. i imagine your hair will be going through a bit of a recovery phase, so it's worth babying it, and it'll just get better and better ! devacurl's one condition conditioner is my favorite--i use it both as a regular conditioner as well as a little bit as a leave in (it's never too heavy). product wise, for hydration, i highly recommend the super cream and the be-leave'in (the latter of which is a strange but wonderful product that give girls bounce and can help 'lift' at the roots). *if* you find you need or want help with hold, i also highly recommend their ultra defining gel. but i'd recommend trying out the first two and seeing what you feel like you 'need' from there after experimenting a bit ?


lastly, if you want to add an extra hydration boost, check out their 'heaven in hair' conditioning treatment. i've recently added this to my routine and it's wonderful ! (i typically leave it in for an hour or so before rinsing out and going in with my regular one condition routine).


the best tip for usage i can give, too is put all your products in STRAIGHT out of the shower with soaking wet hair.


let me know if you have any questions !

Re: Finally gonna embrace the curl

i can completely support every suggestion in this post! devacurl products have done amazing things for my hair and i haven't found a mask i like nearly as much as the heaven in hair! 

Re: Finally gonna embrace the curl

Hey there @sparklekai!  I've got you to thank for turning me on to Deva products several years ago! 😉

Re: Finally gonna embrace the curl

thank you so much I will definitely go give these products a try!!  

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