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Desperately needing and wanting opinions w/some Devacurl products that I've never tried

I have very, very thick hair that is mixed with some low and high porosity. I also have highlights on my hair along with some pink that I'm trying to let grow out and let my natural color grow in. My hair will go through cycles of being dry to being in excellent condition. But I would say that my hair is in great condition about 80-85% of the time. 

It's time to put in another order for my Devacurl products and I really could use some of y'alls opinions on some of the products that I've never tried. The products that I've used from Devacurl are the No poo decadence shampoo and conditioner, supercream and ultra defining gel. I've been looking at the wave maker product for quite awhile now and have wanted to try it but have been skeptical because it doesn't get really great reviews. Right now I'm about to purchase the Devacurl curly care kit from Amazon. It contains the no poo original shampoo, one condition conditioner, melt into moisture mask, styling cream and set it free styling spray. The only thing that I've tried in this is the styling cream, I would love to hear what people think of the other products in this kit. Also I'm curious if anyone has tried the Devacurl microfiber antifrizz towel and your opinions on it. I was also thinking about trying the B'leave in miracle curl plumper, but I keep seeing mixed reviews on it also, so I would love to hear opinions on it. The last thing I'm curious about is the frizz free volumizing foam, I also see very mixed reviews on it and I'm the type of person that if there are more bad reviews than good, I won't buy it. So I would love to hear what people think about this product also. If there is anything that y'all might suggest for me to try besides any of these products, along with these products or anything else, I would really appreciate it. 

Thank you. I look forward to hearing y'alls opinions. Have a wonderful day!โ˜บ๐Ÿฆƒ

Re: Desperately needing and wanting opinions w/some Devacurl products that I've never tried

Hi @PittsburghSteel - I used to have curly hair but have wavy hair currently. I started using DevaCurl about a year ago. I find the regular No Poo and One Condition work better for me than the Delight. I have samples of the Decadence but haven't tried it yet.


As for stylers - B'Leave-in is the best refresh product for me. Supercream provides the most curl pattern on my ends but my top seems a bit flat and Wavemaker has the nicest waves from root to tip. I found the arc angel gel was not good for my hair and the light defining gel didn't do anything. When I had really curly hair I loved gel products but it seems with waves, my hair does better without gel.


Hopefully you can find what works for you!

Re: Desperately needing and wanting opinions w/some Devacurl products that I've never tried

What type of curl pattern do you have @PittsburghSteel ? Did you have success using No Poo Decadence? I personally found that the Decadence line of shampoo and conditioner weighed my hair down so I personally use No Poo and One Condition. I do like the Leave In Decadence Condition. 

Stylers are based upon your curl type. I have wavy/swavy hair (I have posted pictures on the Ride the Wave thread to give you an idea). My favorite styling product is Wavemaker. That was the first product that truly made a difference for me. 

I feel that at one time or another I have tried all DevaCurl products so if you have any specific questions feel free to ask.

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