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CGM becoming too complicated? Go back to the basics!

This post is for anyone who is getting overwhelmed by the Curly Girl Method (CGM). The CGM method, originally introduced to us by Lorraine Massey, helped us to simplify our curly hair routines by teaching us how to properly take care of our curly hair. Due to many of us having unpleasant experiences with our curly hair we often disliked our hair for various reasons, one of them being it was too much to handle and became a burdensome chore. Then we discovered the lovely CGM by Lorraine Massey and it was the answer to our curl hair problems, or so we thought. Instead of hating our hair we were taught how to properly moisturize and care for it with the right products, making us love our curls and embrace them.


Recently, the CGM has become extremely popular. The CGM is everywhere - on our YouTube, Instagram and Facebook feeds, articles on various vlogs, and entire websites dedicated to the CGM and curly hair life. However, it's popularity inadvertently caused the CGM to become way more complicated than originally described. Instead of being about simplicity it turned into a complicated array of 'how to's' and 'what not to do's.' It spawned entire sub sections of groups within the CGM community. While these groups are wonderful, encouraging and very informative, they often present a complicated array of issues, routines, etc... . This causes people to stress over a lot of curly hair stuff, for example protein vs moisture. I've seen plenty of people overly stressed about 'protein overload' or 'moisture overload,' causing them to do various hair treatments (costing $$$) and ultimately getting overwhelmed and upset that their hair did not turn out perfect or it even 'ruined' their hair. Another example would be humectants and when to use or not use them. I've seen a ton of complications arise from this, resulting in extreme amounts of money spent on the 'perfect products.' Another example is the debate to wash or not to wash our hair. I've seen girls shamed b/c they wash their hair instead of only co washing or using conditioner to wash their hair every single time. There are many more things I can point out and say but the purpose of my post is to encourage positivity and simplicity so I will not go into any more detail. BTW, balancing out protein and moisture can be important but it is also a fairly simple thing to do and should not be made complicated. The same with humectants, it's easy to either use them or not. Simple, right? YES. It is that simple.


In all this curly hair chaos, always remember that the CGM was meant to simplify curly hair routines with the use of healthy hair products and to get rid of all the complicated stuff, therefore embracing our curls instead of our curls becoming a chore. I, myself, got too wrapped up in complicated stuff, buying too many products, switching routines constantly, and basically making the CGM a complicated and tiresome task. I ended up hating my hair all over again! This method is meant for us to love and embrace our curls, not to go back to hating our curls. So I simplified everything, as I did in the beginning, and focused on the most important parts. I keep my curls moisturized and I use gel to make a gel cast. I also do weekly deep conditioning treatments and it has done wonders for my curls!

The Curly Girl Method, in the most simplest terms, is to take out all the harsh ingredients in your hair products, use lots of conditioner and learn to use gel and make a gel cast. One of the most important steps in the CGM is squish to condish, it really does wonders for your hair. I'm surprised that squish to condish is hardly mentioned anymore in the CGM community. Maybe it has been forgotten about in all the rules and chaos.


I am in no way, shape or form bashing anyone that likes to go into depth with their CGM routine, or that loves products, or switches up their routines a lot, etc. If this makes you happy and you're having a great time, then that's awesome and keep it up! After all, the point is to love your curly hair and everything that comes with it.

I am telling you of my experience in hopes that some curly girls do not get overwhelmed and end up hating their curls all over again. If this post can help just one curly girl learn to love her curls again then it was worth it. 

And for all you beautiful wavy girls this is for you, too!

RE: CGM becoming too complicated? Go back to the basics!

Great reminder post! Thoughts on doing DC mask more frequently than once a week? I’m in the transition phase and I’m REALLY struggling to love my curls at times. They look the best after DC mask with protein but I’m scared of doing it too often though I’m tempted to do it with EVERY wash. As long as my curls don’t feel mushy, do you think it’s okay?

Re: CGM becoming too complicated? Go back to the basics!

Hi @KristinaH20 I loved your post about getting back to the root (no pun intended) of the curly girl method. I am someone who has kind of been put off by all of the what-to-do and not-to-dos surrounding it. You seem like someone who is knowledgeable on the subject and I was wondering if you could give me a brief overview of the general method, or maybe direct me to some beginner-friendly info? Thanks very much! ❤️

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