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Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Mask (My HG) has been burning my eyes! Anyone else?

(Cross posted from r/curlyhair because I am desperate for answers!) 

(Also, I apologize for the long post lol) 


I reached out to Briogeo customer service to see if they had any answers. Below is the exact text of my email (I bolded the main takeaway). The customer service rep asked for my batch code and said that the R&D team would check into it but, that was on Oct. 12th. I sent the batch code on the 14th and heard nothing back. I followed up again on the 24th just checking in to see if they had heard anything. Silence. I emailed again this morning. It's troublesome and annoying that this is a potential health risk and it seems like they're just ignoring it.



I have been having a super weird issue with my Don't Despair Repair Deep Conditioning Mask. Let me preface this by saying I am obsessed with Briogeo and Don't Despair is the only conditioner I use since I first tried it last year. I SWEAR by it and even gave it to my mom & sister as Christmas gifts this year. I get the jumbo size so I don't have to buy as often.  I also use a bunch of other Briogeo products and have never had any issues until this one. 

My issue is that the most recent jumbo tub I got (in August, from Sephora) has been burning the crap out of my eyes. I can't even keep my eyes open it's so bad. At first, I thought it could be something else in my shower but eliminated that possibility by deep cleaning my shower & switching out my other products. Then, my hairstylist had given me a small bottle of another conditioner and when I tried it, no burning. I've tried everything I could think of - wearing a shower cap, using a terrycloth headband, etc. I have started to only put it on the very ends of my hair and not even letting it get anywhere close to my face but nothing helps, it still burns. The conditioner isn't getting in my eyes, it's like the smell or, for lack of a better term, fumes/vapor, that are irritating my eyes. 

I'm at a total loss and wanted to reach out to see if you may know what is going on. Maybe I got a bad batch? I don't want to have to stop using it but I'm hesitant to buy more if it will keep doing this. For the record, I don't have sensitive skin or eyes or any allergies whatsoever. It is the only product I've ever tried that really moisturizes my curly hair and I can't imagine not using it.I really hope there is a solution to this issue and thank you so much for taking the time to read this email!

(end of email)

So, has anyone had this experience?? I have never had this problem before (this is my 4th tub of Don't Despair Repair, 2nd jumbo tub). If no one else has had this happen, I'll probably just get another tub bc tbh this stuff really does do wonders for my curly hair. Thanks! 🙂 Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 8 oz/ 237 mL 


RE: Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Mask (My HG) has been burning my eyes! Anyone else?

If you check out reviews on Amazon, you’ll see that allergic reactions happened to several people. There’s definitely something harmful in the product.

RE: Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Mask (My HG) has been burning my eyes! Anyone else?

I broke out in hives both times I used this product. Definitely do not recommend! It was awful!

Re: Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Mask (My HG) has been burning my eyes! Anyone else?

@blankfromhell There are two possible reasons for the reaction you are having from this mask.

You May have developed an sudden allergic reaction from one or more of the ingredients in this mask. It can happen some times that you develop it for a product you have been using for a long time without any appearant reason (speaking of personal experience ) To check this possibility, I would recommend you get a sample of this mask and use it to see if you get same reaction. If you do then you are allergic to it and have to stop using it and find another HG conditioning mask. I quickly checked in my hair sample stash to see if I have a foil that I can send you but unfortunately I don’t. I’m sure you will be able to get one from the store.

Second possibility is that the tub you got is somehow contaminated and the product isn’t suitable to use. That you can now if you don’t get a bad review action from the sample you try ray.

That being said, it is very annoying and disappointing when brands don’t stand behind their products and ignore the inquiries like yours.


Re: Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Mask (My HG) has been burning my eyes! Anyone else?

Thank you so much for your super helpful response!! I am extra perplexed considering the "clean" ingredients aren't ones you'd expect to develop a sudden allergic reaction to. 

RE: Re: Briogeo Don't Despair Repair Mask (My HG) has been burning my eyes! Anyone else?

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