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A good smelling sulfate free shampoo?

I use the Devacurl low poo shampoo and their conditioner. I have 3a hair and while its made my curls look really nice my hair doesn't smell as nice as I would want it to. What a good sulfate free shampoo that smells good and is not too expensive?


Re: A good smelling sulfate free shampoo?

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla. Smells amazing.

Re: A good smelling sulfate free shampoo?

I’ve been using Pureology for years and have had the healthiest hair, it’s all vegan, cruelty free and sulfate free 😀

Curiosity, why sulfate free?

Curiosity, why sulfate free?

Re: Curiosity, why sulfate free?

My blowout bar stylist told me it helps your color last longer, but I don't know if that's actually true or not. After I had a keratin treatment there they were even more diligent about only using sulfate-free product in my hair, though.

@fieldsofclover it's actually not true. Grrrrr 🙈 This is...

@fieldsofclover it's actually not true. Grrrrr 🙈 This is one of the reasons I generally try not to comment on hair questions because i'm VERY passionate about the science of goes. Have you ever accidentially burnt a piece of your hair or smelt hair burning? I'm guess everyone has at some point, if you havent it has a very distinct scent - rotten eggs. This is because sulfates are mineral salts containing sulpher and our hair has naturally occuring sulphur in it. Sulfates are GENTLE cleansing agents that attract sebum (oil) and dirt from the hair and scalp like a magnet and wash them away. When you use 'sulfate free' you are substituting a great cleansing agent for a subpar cleansing agent and essentially relying on your water ph (7) to do the rest (which it can't, if water could clean we'd have a very clean world). Since the hair is never fully clean after washing with a sulfate free shampoo, build up accumulates which allows free radicals to enter and colour loss will occur significantly faster.

Re: @fieldsofclover it's actually not true. Grrrrr 🙈 This is...

@GG84 I love that you actually know the science behind this! I quit asking stylists because nobody ever seems to know real answers, only whatever the trainer-slash-salesperson told them during their last round of CE... I try to be an informed consumer but hair is even worse than makeup for that 😒

Re: @fieldsofclover it's actually not true. Grrrrr 🙈 This is...

@fieldsofclover Do you think so? I find the hair consumers to be becoming very highly educated. I'm sending you a PM.

Re: A good smelling sulfate free shampoo?

Alba Botanica has some curl-friendly lines and smells really good, if you're looking for (higher-end) drugstore prices.

Re: A good smelling sulfate free shampoo?

FORM smells nice

Re: A good smelling sulfate free shampoo?

I love Carol’s Daughter shampoo and conditioner. Specifically the Monoi and Almond ones. 

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