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Very Textured Chicken Skin lol HELP!

Hi all. I'm 31 and I have very textured skin. I always have. I have what are hundreds of tiny tiny mila all over face. Which I'd need to see a dermatologist to remove for me constantly. I'm disabled so it's hard. It looks like chicken skin. I used Makeup Forever HD foundation in past and liked it but looking for something with very high coverage for when I go to doctors since that's only when I leave house. And I get stared at enough being disabled. I also am wondering about skincare to help this. Are there any pads anyone recommends to do peel? Or any lotions or makeups etc to help this? I wanna help skin out now so when I'm 40 I don't look 60. Luckily my mom is 73 and looks 50 so maybe I will take after her lol. But any advice I'd love. I've spend so much and can't find anything :/

Re: Very Textured Chicken Skin lol HELP!

Hi JoeyLynn! I'm sorry to read you have so much to deal with medically and hope things calm down a bit for you.


For the days you have doctors appointments and whatnot, and wish to look your best I would suggest Diors Dreamskin primer. Used underneath foundation I think youll find it helps tremendously. It is pricey but if you arent using it often then youll probably be able to get by on samples!! Other Dior skincare products may benefit you including the Hydralife Sleeping Gel which is soothing and hydrating and just a real treat for the skin. Also if your skin is getting angry with cleansing wipes then give Diors Micellar Water a try, you just need to pat it on with cotton wool and it cleans and freshens without having to rinse. I'm not a Dior sales person I promise!! Good luck!! Smiley Happy

Re: Very Textured Chicken Skin lol HELP!

products that give you chemical exfoliation will help with texture over time, depending on how bad the texture is. I personally use Biologique Recherche's P50 lotion and Dr. Dennis Gross's alpha beta peels. You may benefit from getting a series of chemical peels done at a med spa or similar establishment. These will be stronger and cause the skin to actually peel depending on the peel's strength, but are supposed to improve skin texture and pigmentation etc. There is some recovery to the stronger peels, your face may swell and get red, and again the skin will peel in layers so keep that in mind. Definitely look around what's in your area and get a consultation to see what's best for your skin if you want to go that route. 

Re: Very Textured Chicken Skin lol HELP!

Thank you for reply. I sent my mom to Sephora to try and get samples of items you mentioned. I'm a neuro surg patient and bedridden 24/7 except to go to doctors and hospitals and it's hard to transport and move me to places like a med spa or dermatologist unless it's crazy vital to go. But I get looked at so much between me having shaved hair. And bump on head from implant under scalp. A wheelchair. Neck brace. Covered in tattoos and now my hyper pigmented and chicken skin face lol that maybe I'll have to force self thru pain and transport to go to derm.... if these products don't work I'll look into that. My face is already swollen too from long term steroids so doubt it could do any worse hahahaha. APPRECIATE the reply. Truly. 

Re: Very Textured Chicken Skin lol HELP!

I have found daily gentle exfoliation with a 2% salicylic acid liquid has really helped in the formation of new milia.

Re: Very Textured Chicken Skin lol HELP!

Yea that used to help me but then this past year being in hospital often and unable to actually wash face (bedridden can only use face wipes or towelettes) it seems they have become out of control. Like their own ecosystem on my face. Before used to be just cheeks some and now it's full face. I used to be able to pop out myself too with small poke with needle. Now it's like they are even deeper too and don't come out easily and scar me and since I can't sit up long they are hard to remove. Wish I could get a facial in my house by a certified cosmetologist... have primary care doc and dentist who comes to my house and nurses and physical therapy. Would think someone to pop pimples would come out hahahaha.  I'll try to stay on top of it more with the 2%! Maybe get some better wipes with it in it. Thanks so much for your time in replying. Sorry for this novel! Lol

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