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Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

Hey guys, ive been looking for a great foundation (powder foundation too) with medium coverage, thats easy to apply, that last good and doesnt transfer.


So far im using the Almay powder for foundation on top of a moisturiser, and the thing with this is that to cover redness, i have to apply Alot of powder, and it take alot of time in the morning.


Ive seen or read somewhere that people use certain concealers as foundation;  that its good to cover redness easier and faster, and that it stays good too.


Which concealer do you like (as foundation)??


I have normal to oily skin, and i have some texture.


Note: even if i have normal to oily skin, im not looking for products that would make my skin look dry, because too dry isnt good.


In other words, im looking for a good product to cover redness, (but still medium as im not into full coverage), that would be easy to work with (fast for morning) and that would hold for the day.


Please share your favorites 🙂🙂🙂


Thank you very much.


Re: Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

@Emy10  It’s really pricey but the best concealer that I’ve found that I could use like foundation is Cle De Peau.

Re: Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

You know guys, maybe i should try the Nars creamy concealer again.


Maybe the mini i got years ago was from an older batch... i tried it on my eyes and it was soooo dry!!


What do you think??


Its what Wayne Goss used, and it should hold well. 


Hoping it wouldnt make me oilie than normal too.

Re: Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

@faeriegirl  auuhhmmm yes, this brand is expensive lol, ill try others before to go there 😅😅😅🙂

Re: Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

I would love to know how to use the foundation for the coverage redness easily ???

Re: Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

@mantia  redness can be covered with a more full coverage foundation, or, with concealer underneath foundation, also by the correct color correcting. 

Re: Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

@mantia @Emy10 Here is a handy chart for color correcting I keep saved on my phone:

color correcting.png

Also a Sephora beauty advisor (who was amazing, super helpful, and knowledgeable!) basically said the same things as the picture above and she mentioned how Canadian Sephoras (don't know about American Sephoras) do not have many options regarding color correctors and to look for color correctors in other beauty stores for them (would also be less $$$).


I ended up getting a peach 🍑 color corrector from Sephora and an orange 🔸color corrector from a local drugstore. I have a friend who uses a green 💚 color corrector from Walmart/Target (IDK which one) due to redness on her face.


The technique for color correcting the Sephora Beauty advisor taught me & works amazingly is:

1) Put on foundation 

2) Dap just a little of the color corrector onto the area you would like to cover (finger/brush/sponge, I use brush),

3) Blend the edges of color corrector so it still covers the area you would like covered but so the edges are like feathered/blended in (I do this with the same brush)

4) Get concealer/foundation on a brush/sponge and stipple it (do NOT swipe/streak it, will streak the corrector all over the place, I speak from experience as looking very orange & looking like I have an obvious fake tan all over my face 😅). 

That's it. Hope this lengthy post helped 🤗

Re: Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

@Nahnom @Emy10 - American Sephoras have a minimal selection of color correctors and they don't carry the range of colors.  I use yellow to cover my redness.  I use the Cover FX click stick.  I buy it direct; I don't know if Ulta carries it.


I put my color corrector on first, followed by concealer, then foundation.  I think it's personal preference.  My concealer has been discontinued or I would recommend it.  😥

Re: Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

Hey @Emy10 

I've heard of people using concealers that offer medium-to-full coverage as a foundation. There were Youtube reviews (clean beauty code & a couple others) on using ROSE INC Softlight Clean Dewy Hydrating Concealer as a foundation due to it being medium-to-full coverage (and I think the reason why the beauty line doesn't have a foundation is exactly to use the concealer as a foundation). 

I think also Uoma Beauty concealer (sold in ULTA) could be used as foundation (I don't remember). 


Also I have a friend who only wears (non-tinted) sunscreen, concealer (medium coverage), mascara, and a lipstick/lip gloss. So she uses the concealer as a foundation. 


For me though, when I wear makeup I need full coverage + 2 color correctors so I unfortunately (😔) can't participate in this trend/technique. 


It all depends on what coverage you want & concealer coverage. 

Re: Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

@Emy10 tarte babassu foundcealer™ skincare foundation is a really interesting hybrid product you might be interested in! 

but to be real, I don’t think using concealer is going to be any faster than using actual liquid foundation. If you like the quickness of powder, there’s lots of great powder foundations that can provide more coverage like Wander Beauty Wanderlust Powder Foundation bareMinerals BAREPRO 16-HR Skin-Perfecting Powder Foundation or Lancôme DUAL FINISH – Multi-tasking Longwear Powder Foundation 


you might also want to check out Dr. Jart+ Mini Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30 0.5 oz/ 15 mL 

Re: Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

@Kim888  thank you for your suggestions 😁😁😁


I already tried Cicapair, and it didnt do much for me.


About the Baremineral Barepro, ill look into it, but it kinda scares me a bit because i read comments in the past about certain Baremineral powders, that were supposed to be matte, and it turned people super greasy.


I will also check the Wander Beauty one, it might be more my price than Lancôme 😊😊😊 (unless that Lancôme product might be a miracle... who knows).



I still wish to try to use a concealer as a foundation though, i feel it might be faster because i would dot the concealer and then apply it evenly with a stippling brush and finish with a tiny bit of powder. The wear might be better too compared to just powder. 

Re: Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

@Emy10 - I really like the wander beauty one and I also have dry skin (though it does have propensity for collapsing when you get toward the bottom of the powder). 

wayne Goss did a pretty cool video on concealer foundation with the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer a while back you might want to check out! I did try it out and I found it a bit more hassle than I wanted but you might enjoy checking that out if it’s the route you want to go! 

Re: Using Concealer as a foundation (for easier redness coverage)??

Yaaaasss @Kim888  lol, i watched that video a while back and i remember i was like wat? Lol


I watched it again like 2 times yesterday and i will use his technique,


But i dont think ill use that Nars concealer because a while back i bought a mini, and idk if i got a bad one, but it was baaaad lol


What do you guys think about the Elf concealer?? I wonder if it would hold good and beautifully.

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