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Setting powder

Does anyone else struggle with "translucent" powder. For the life of me I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong translucent powder keeps making me look so pale. I've tried using less product or even only using it on my concealer. Uggg 

Re: Setting powder

Hi! Setting or finishing powder can be tricky if you have not had a lit of experience or maybe even several trial and error runs on them. Translucent powder absorbs excess oil and helps keep your makeup from literally using off your face! When picking a shade of Translucent powder, as in light, medium, or dark, it is very important to match as closely as you can to your own natural complexion. It also depends on what type of coverage you are needing and what type of foundation it is going to be setting, either liquid or powder foundation. Also, it's very important to know your skin's own natural current condition (dry, oily, acne prone, combination, redness, splotichiness, dull, etc...) If your skin is dry, it is noticeable through the translucent powder and can have a lighter, more paler shading effect than what it normally would if your skin is hydrated. So ladies always pay attention to your skin's health in your daily skincare routine BEFORE you apply makeup, remember to hydrate every single day and night! This all has an effect on your compexion's natural shade! You might could try 1 shade darker than your normal shade. Instead of light, try a medium translucent powder and keep in mind the shade of your foundation (liquid or powder!) will also effect the shade of your translucent setting or finishing powder. Many Trial and error runs were made by myself until I finally found a shade I loved and looked natural. I love the natural, Dewey, glowing finish! WHEN IT COMES TO TRANSLUCENT POWDER, LESS IS MORE!! LESS IS KEY! 

Re: Setting powder

I guess I’m weird but I don’t use powder or concealer on my face.. but I’m 50 so there’s that too. Makes me look dry and wrinkled 

Re: Setting powder

@aliciamariexo For me personally, the only transculent powder I have ever continued to repurchase (for well over a decade now) is the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder Translucent a little goes a long way and it really helps eliminate shine and set my makeup in place. 🙂 

Re: Setting powder

This is my favourite setting powder. It’s the only one I think I will ever need 💕 absolutely obsessed I use like 6-7 tubs a year lol I could bathe my face in it if I could 😂

Re: Setting powder

Omg I thought I was the only one lol. Maybe I’ll have to look for an actual pressed powder instead of this one. 

Re: Setting powder

I've personally learned that it's just not for me! I have dry skin, and even on the days when my skin is looking moisturized translucent powder somehow always brings out hidden flakes. It's okay to not use a product if it just doesn't work for you! It took me a long time to realize that, but after watching a TikTok from @mikaylanogueira on makeup looks for dry skin where she talked about how just because others talk about baking your under eye doesn't mean you need to too, I've stopped! NOW. All of that said, I DO find that the KVD Beauty Lock-It Setting Powder Standard Size Translucent - 0.67 oz is the only one that serves me well if I reallyyyyy want to use it - it has a very small hint of shimmer in it that ups the glow and might help detract from the paleness you're finding!

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